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Wings of Fire SeriesBy:Tui T Sutherland

The main characters are dragons. There is more than one main characters. There is a group of five. Over the 15 book series, there are different places and characters. The main group was named, Sunny, Glory, Starflight, Tsunami, and Clay. In the second part of the series there are Winter, Umber, Moonwatcher, Kinkajou, Qibli, Turtle, and Peril. In the third part there are Blue, Luna, Snowfall, Cricket, and Sundew. There is the queens but I am not going to name them.

The author belives that you choose your own destiny and is the same theme throughout the series. "But were to Dragonettes of Destiny, we have to do this! The Prophecy wasn't fake!" Sunny said this because she was convinced that it was their job to stop the war because of the Prophecy. She doesn't believe that she has a choice to stop the war or not.

The scene in the first 10 books takes place in mountains. They are not the same mountains. The next five books take place on a different continent.

There are different types of dragons. For different tribes there are different looks. There are Icewings, Skywings, Nightwings, Rainwings, Sandwings, and Mudwings. Skywings have big wings to fly higher in the sky while Sandwings have a barbed tail like a scorpion and "black beatle like eyes." Nightwings have stars under their wings so they can blend in easier while flying. Mudwings have different colored scales and those born in a "Blood red egg" are fireproof. While most of the other dragons breath fire, Icewings and Rainwings are different. Icewings breath ice while Rainwings spit burning venom from there fangs like a snake. The other kinds that we are later introduced to is Leafwings, Silkwings, and Hivewings. Leafwings look like leafs, there wings are also the shape of leafs. Silkwings arn't born with wings, they are like a butterfly and have to cocoon themselves to grow them when they come of age. Silkwings can also produce silk from their wrist, they can also produce silk that can burn and glow that is called Fire Silk, its rare but it happens. Hivewings control the whole continent that they are in. It is later learned that the Queen, Queen Wasp, can control the whole hive of Hivewings. They are like another form of bees and wasps, Hence the name Wasp. They also have names to match where they live. Icewings are names after icy things, Skywings are named after the sky, Nightwings are named after the night, Rainwings are named after the forest and jungle, Sandwings are named after sand things, Leafwings are named after plants, Ect.

For every five books there are different prophecies. For the first five it is called "The Dragonette Prophecy." The prophecy for five through ten is the "Jade Mountain Prophecy." The last prophecy so far is the "Lost Continent Prophecy." They are all about different things each. The Dragonette Prophecy is about the first few dragons that were taken when they were eggs. The dragons were supposed to be born on the brightest of nights and raised for seven years before they were supposed to choose a new queen for the Sandwings. This story is in the perspective of the first five dragonettes. This Prophecy was supposed to have a Sandwing, Nightwing, Skywing, Mudwing, and a Seawing. The Queen of the Skywings had killed all of the Skywing eggs that were supposed to hatch on the brightest of nights, so they had to steal a Rainwing egg instead. After they get out of the mountain they were raised in, they set off to find their families and where they were stolen from.

I loved this series but it is really long with more books coming.

One of the main characters name is Sunny. She is a funny looking Sandwing. We later find out in the series that she is a Sandwing/Nightwing Hybrid. It was kept a secret because Hybrids are frowned upon because they cross the different kind of dragons. She and her other friends were taken while they were still in their eggs.

This part of the series is about a Continent that non of the dragons know about. The continent is where the Hivewings, Silkwings, and Leafwings live. The Hivewings are controlling the Silkwings and using their silk for their personal gain. They believed the Leafwings to be extinct because the Hivewings burned down their forest where they lived. The Leafwings were hiding in the jungle where they couldn't be found because it was believed to be haunted. These dragons have to team up with a continent they know nothing about (the dragonettes) to save there home from Queen Wasp and a mind controlling plant.

This part was about the new generation on dragons that are going to school where the "Dragonettes of Destiny" teach. It starts off with a Nightwing that was born under two full moons (because this world has three moons) and this causes the dragonette to have special abilities, she can read minds and see the future. She is the one that made the Jade Mountain Prophecy. She is with her roommates that contains a, Nightwing, Skywing, Mudwing, Rainwing, and a Seawing. They go to try and save the continent from a big thousand year old dragon name Darkstalker. Darkstalker is a Nightwing/Icewing Hybrid that wants to wipe out all Icewings because of his childhood. The new dragonettes will not let him. With help from the "Dragonettes of Destiny" they might just put a stop to him.