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Windows 11

S 4.1

Windows 11


Windows 11

an Operating System.

What is a program?

It is a set o instructions to do activities on the computer or tablet.

Step 1: Press the arrow.

Step 1: type the password if it is needed.

Step 1: Wait for the welcome screen.

Sign in Windows

Step 1: Press POWER button on the keyboard.

The Desktop

Is the first screen you see once the computer.

Let's draw what you see on your screen.

S 4.2


Exploxing Windows Desktop

Recycle bin?



What do you think these icons are?

The desktop: 1. The main screen.2. Similar to a real desktop3. Organize and store items.4. it has ICONS.

Find your files

Click on the taskbar's SEARCH Icon to see the SEARCH Window and type what you want.

The Search Icon

Do you have this icons?