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How to build a WaterMobile

By Salatiel Sanchez, Nayeli Alcantar, Elizabeth Garcia, & Dyhlan Umana



How can we as, mechanical engineers, use simple machines to create an alternative daily task?

Driving Question



The inclined plane is used to transfer the marble into the basket. When the lever is first pushed up, the marble travels down the incline plane. On the incline plane there is a pool noodle to keep the marble from changing direction. Then the marble lands in the basket.

The screw is the funnel which is holding the water to the cup.Before the screw is being moved the marble ball is moving through the simple machine to get water. Then, the screw will be waiting on the table for the water to go down. Finally, the screw will be on top of the cup on the table for the people to get a cup of water.

How to build a WaterMobile

The pulley is used to pull up the cup of water, positioning it at an angle where the water will begin to pout out. Next the water will fall into the funnel, gliding along the grooves of the funnel. After this the water will arrive in the cup, thus successfully completing the task.

The lever is used to start off the Rube Goldberg machine and begin the chain of events. When the lever is pushed up the marble starts rolling to the next event, the Incline Plane. Once the marble goes into the basket, it will pull a string attached to a pulley that will push water into a screw that guides the water into the cup.

How To Build a WaterMobile

This is our Rube-Goldberg Machine, made with a inclinded plane, a screw, a pulley and a lever. Our Rube-Goldberg Machine was designed to pour water for somebody, thus making an alternative to daily task.

A hydrologist is someone who studies the way water travels through and on earths surface, as well as how precipitation may affect the crust.


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