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Projet Work


The "Liga 3"-the third professional league in Portugal is a very special and important competition of football for mine. This competition during the August to May of next year. It has a football games of the north to soul of Portugal. The football players are professional atlethes, so they can play two games in one weekend. There are 24 teams, around 26 players per team. This competition is very organised, with too fans and security in case of conflict. Honestly, I never thought that this competition would be so good and so competitive even with teams from the third national league. Only this year, I started watching this competition because the team I support, FC Felgueiras 1932, went up there and I go more often to "Liga 3" games. Above all, this league gives to promote mainly the "Fair-play" and the ethnic principles of football.

Hello everybody!Today I will present my "Project Work" about my favourite competition.

This was my "Project Work", I hope you liked it.

This competition consists of a first stage with all the teams then proceed to a promotion or relegation series depending on their performance. First Stage In the first stage, the 24 clubs are divided in two series (Série A and B) of 12 teams, according to geographic criteria. In each series, teams play against each other in a home-and-away double round-robin system. The four best-placed teams of the two series will advance to the promotion series and bottom 8 teams will proceed to the relegation series. Promotion Stage The eight qualified teams are divided in two series of 4 teams, playing against each other in a home-and-away double round-robin system. The winners of each series will be automatically promoted to "Liga Portugal 2" and will face each other in a the famous stadium in Portugal, in "Jamor" to determine the champion. The second best placed teams will face each other in a "Playoff", whose winner will face the 16th placed of "Liga Portugal 2" for the last spot in "Liga Portugal 2". On this stage teams will be divided as follows.