Want to make creations as awesome as this one?


Welcome to my humble abode, kid. I'm Rex Roar- The Lion of Iron, The Mane Event, the biggest and baddest Apeslayer this side of The Metablocks. And you, Jack, are here to help me out.


I got a bit of a situation on my hands. There's something in my vault that I need to get my claws on. It's a weapon - an important one. I'm gonna use it to take down these primate pissants once and for all.

But ya see, after a wild night at the ol' strip n' tip, I came home and caught one of those damn dirty Apes in my house, reprogramming my security system.

It forced a system reboot and now I'm locked out of my own goddamn vault. I need the override code.That's where you come in.

I wrote clues to the vault code and scattered them in the house, just in case The Modbots came snoopin'. You're gonna need to solve the puzzles for access to the vault, while I disassemble these circuit freaks outside.

There are six single-word access codes that will give you entry to my vault. If you make a rookie mistake, get stumped, or just want to chat with this cyber-sexy beast, give me a shout on your walkie-talkie.

Oh, and one more thing. The chimp chump I caught sneaking around is locked up in one of my rooms. Maybe he knows something. If not... I'll give him a one-way ticket to the banana farm in the sky soon enough.

Think you're up for the challenge, hotshot? Then cut the chit-chat and let's get to work. And remember, if you mess this up, l'm gonna rip your head off and use it as a paperweight. Got it? Good.