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MNPS Support Hub and select school leaders who create and facilitate professional learning are invited to participate in a virtual year-long book study of Elena Aguilar and Lori Cohen's THE PD BOOK: 7 HABITS THAT TRANSFORM PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. The book study will consist of three virtual book group meetings and asynchronous reflective responses in Schoology. Participants completing all coursework will earn 8 PDP/TASL credit hours.

Who Should Participate?

How do I register?

the pd Book: 7 habits that transform professional development

MNPs professional learning and growth department

2023-2024 Book Study

WHat are the book study dates?

Email any questions to Lisa.Rodden@mnps.org

Any Support Hub leader or any school Instructional leader who is responsible for creating and delivering professional learning may participate.

Participants can complete the Microsoft form located here to enroll. Books will be delivered to participants through courier the week of September 5.