Want to make creations as awesome as this one?


– William Villers, VP of Engineering TEN TECH LLC.

“The first time I saw Ansys Discovery, I didn’t believe it could deliver on its instantaneous-design-feedback promises. Then, when I tried it, I thought it was nothing short of magical"


– Mark Hannah, Director of Sales and Marketing, Moffitt Corporation

“Simulation was utilized in the past as a last resort, something we’d keep in our back pocket. Now it’s brought up in the discussion as a sales tool. The process in the past might of taken up to two months, now we can be presenting a solution in the same week."


"With time savings at the early stages, we're spending more time on the details, and accelerating the process of going from prototype to production.”

- Patrick Wilson, CEO RaceShapes, @raceshapes



"Ansys Discovery has solved two problems for us…shorter development time and time to market; which in turn is quantified in cost savings"

-Rene Geiger, Head of Engineering, KAISER AG

“Ansys Discovery helps us quickly iterate early in the concept process; allowing us to explore more options, but most importantly free-up time for the Analyst to focus on a final design in the product development process.”

- Andrew Hobbs Chief CFD Engineer, ASTEC Industries


"The most successful products are those where simulation has been done in the very beginning stage of the product development".

-Dr. Vivek Kumar, Sr. Technical Expert Endress+Hauser


"You can use ANSYS Discovery to come up with six new ideas in five or ten minutes. It’s HUGE!"

- Travis Jacobs, Owner Jacobs Analytics


"Incorporating simulation into our design process early on allowed us to gain more insight during development, identify weak or over-designed areas, and maximize product performance."

-CPC Engineer