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Order: Charadriiformes.Family: Scolopacidae.Length: 20-21 cm.Wingspan: 40-45 cm.Presence: Habitual,Invernante,De paso.


Breading start in May/June.The female sanderlings puts 3/4 eggs in a nest and she incubates them for 24-27 days.The babies are born in 17 days and they start flying in 17 days.

Short tail and legs

White and grey feathers

Small head and eyesLong beak


  • We can find sanderling in the Spain costs from autum and winter.
  • The sanderling eats many insects, too, they eat crustaceans.

Where does it live?

They usually go to Canary Islands.
They usually lives in the norht and south.
They usually lives in coast zones.
They usually lives in coasts,usually in south zones.

Length: 16-20cm.Wingspan: 38-43cm.Dunlin is in Spain.

Length: 14-15,5cm. Wingspan: 27-30cm.Little Stint is in Spain.

Sanderling is similar to other birds species:

Similar birds:


Little Stint


When humans build buildings, they take off rivers and trees.

Humans destroy much habitats, incluited, sanderling habitats.

Some water plants are destroying sanderling´s nests.

The humans are catching illegally and humans build much buildings.

Why is it in danger?


2.Habitat destruction

1.Invasor water plants

Endangered Status

You can help sanderling with food,water,bird's houses...I can't count all posibilities!
If we recicle the rubbish, much animals, incluited sanderlig, will had cleaned habitats.
Birds usually lives in trees, we can plant trees to help all birds.
Sanderlings usually lives in rivers, we can clean the rivers to help this birds.

How can we help?

Check the video.

Other measures