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Evidencia #2

Trophic web







Trophic web


Trophic web


the types of food of our trophic web that are no alive are the acorns of the oaks, the branches of the cedars and the moss that has no life either. But in addition to everything they need water that is not alive, the air itself to breathe, the sun, the wind that also affects the way they behave and the rain as well.In example, the less water there is surely the animals will. begin to die of thirst which would cause an imbalance in the trophic web. In the case of the wind, for example, there would be some things that could start to fall, which would be the fruits of the trees, which are the generators of everything in the trophic network and could cause the death of many species in the long term.


All the animals in the food web are alive which means they are all biotic. Likewise, since they are all living beings among consumers, each one can feed on the other depending on the different paths of the trophic web. In the end it all ends up in the decomposers and it's all due to the number of animals he finds. Between for example more eagles there are fewer wolves there can be. Or the more mongooses, the fewer snakes and so on with each animal that eats the other.

limiting factors