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Release to Prod 18-May-2023

Sprint Review 121


Items included in Release Object


Live Demo

  • CTA-8607: Add CLU as option for PredictionModel
  • CTA-8631: Admin Portal - String Validation Instructions and Override Settings - PROD/STAG
  • CTA-8564: 2023 Penetration Testing - Improper Session Handling
  • CTA-8614: Admin Portal's users without 'CRUpload' permission are not able to access to Partner's Settings
  • CTA-8631: Care Library - 'String Validation' question couldn't be added with 'Instructional' mode
  • CTA-8446: Admin Portal - Missing TTS instructions and voicemail check box - PROD
  • CTA-7199: Admin Portal/Partner's Settings - Add validations to the ‘Transfer Caller ID’ and adapt attribute's #60 logic

Admin Portal Items

IVR Items

  • CTA-8581: Care Chat and Care Text (sms) - Remove Hardcoded Backend Data Replace with New Table

Care Chat Items


  • CTA-8422: Admin Portal - Add the DB Schema selection at the Partner's creation form
  • CTA-8455: Part II - Member Authentication Options to Verify Member for Campaigns via Chat Channel
  • CTA-8584: Callback error
  • CTA-8369: Add Caller ID Number Field to front end Partner Config & Group Config sections
  • CTA-8507: IVR - Date/Time → At the ‘Date & Time’ and 'Time' question, calls are abruptly dropped after the answer is confirmed
  • CTA-8218: CareChat - Transfer trigger gives status of -1


Technical Tasks

CTA-8579: Automate - Diabetes Maryland Onboarding - Happy Path

CTA-8563: 2023 Penetration Testing - Internal Server Errors Present

CTA-8277: PEN Testing Issues: Use of Outdated Or Known Vulnerable JavaScript Libraries

CTA-7862: PEN Testing Issues - Web Application Does Not Enable Browser-Based XSS Protection

CTA-8588: Create a report for automation tests

CTA-8558:Issue with adding members with duplicate external id's

CTA-8627: System Maintenance: Review IVR Performance Issues

CTA-8565: UHC Diabetes - All - Outcomes File - Additional Location

CTA-8561: Allow CPS for Twilio to be dynamic


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