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Sainethra Raghuram

Things I absolutely despise

They have no filter. Sugarcoating is a distant concept for them. They're like old asian women, because they point out exactly what's wrong with them, and you can't tackle them for doing so without being frowned upon by society. But unlike old asian women, who have the capacity to compliment you, kids will just point out your every flaw. Also they look stupid.

#1: Kids

Don't google it unless you wish to see a trypophobic nightmare. They lay eggs on their back, where a male pipa toad will fertilize them. When it is finally time to give birth, the little things crawl out of the skin of the mother's back like the ugly things they are. It is just ugly and sends shivers down my spine. This is a normal pipa toad, hoever

#2: How pipa Toads give birth

I do not dream like a normal person should. Some examples of my dreams are being chased by a gigantic slime in a world of black and white, or that one time where I dreamt of a strangely high end verion of school where I did not know how to use the elevator and Obama was sitting on the floor. Do I know why? Absolutely not, they just happen. Also the photo has no correlation

#3: My dreams

I do not like these, those lifeless big creepy eyes are something straight from my nightmares. Sure, in daylight you can tolerate this creepy scarecrow-esque thing, but this thing in the night? Not only that, but it's screaming sounds creepy and haunting. Hell no. It is ugly and terrifying and I believe it should not exist.

#4: Potoo

Nothing new to people. I just despise these abominations of nature. There is no use for these things, just replace their unnecessary existence with more bees because bees are more important. Their only purposes are being a side food source for animals, and to torment unfortunate humans by just biting them or either sprading diseases. I mean, just look at these detestable things

#5: Mosquitos

That's All.