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Dissertation Defence

Author: Connor MinnissAdvisor: Graham BondDate: 09/05/2023

‘Does gender in competition and sports marketing define elements of professional progression? A study into British and International motorsport.’



The world of motorsort is historically male dominated, in this dissertation my goal was to create primary research and modern, relevant results that showed the breakthroughs happening in the industry. Using secondary research in my literature review, i was able to create a balanced argument with relavant sources throughout my dissertation.


My Motivation

Motorsport is what i live and breathe, its all i've ever wanted to do and its what made me leave Cornwall and join this University to pursue. I chose this topic area specifically because in my first year, i experianced first hand the level of struggle a lot of the female drivers and engineers specifally have to deal with.

  • University Libary
  • Access to interviews performed in 1987, Michelle Mouton Interview
  • Articles (Ross, S.R Ridinger) Women in Advertising
  • Books (

Secondary Research

  • Social Media Anlytics
  • Failed Survey
  • Independant T-Test
  • Table Of Findings

Primary Research


Key Research

- Literature Review - Primary Research - Interviews - Failed Survey - Social Media Analytics

‘Does gender in competition and sports marketing define elements of professional progression? A study into British and International motorsport.’

Plenty of studies since the 1990's, not a single one of them is relevant to my exact question of professional progession.

Reason 3

It creates a further question of how can my findings can impact the world of sport as a whole

Reason 2


The relevance of the question to modern society spreads a lot further than just the motorsport world

Question Importance

Reason 1

My study was naturalistic, meaning i had no impact over the course of the results. I created all of my results natrually, without the need for external influence.


Primary Research - Twitter



Twitter analysis became my top source of findings. Table of results helped to visulaize my findings over a more conventional written explantion i'd seen in other examples of similar studies.

Sandberg, R. (2017). Gender and sport: From theories to practices. Routledge. Serra, C. (2022) How a Netflix docuseries set off a rise in F1 popularity, Audiense Resources. Smith, L. R. (2014). Women in Motorsports: From the Past to the Future. Women's Studies Quarterly, 42(1/2), 187-193. KOCHANEK, J. et al., 2021. More than ‘just a driver’: A study of professional women race car drivers’ agency in motorsport. Psychology of sport and exercise, 52 Ross, S. R., Ridinger, L. L., & Cuneen, J. (2004). Drivers to divas: advertising images of women in motorsport. International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship.


Literature Review


My literature review was a deep and developed spread of articles, books, podcast exerts and news articles. The sources liste don the right are the ones i used the most to create my literature review. Ross, S. R, Ridinger and Cuneen, J. (2004) gave me the most useful information. However, i reached out for a comment on the work but had no response.

04. Development

My justification of the research i created and developed is that it is entirely done through new generation techniques and methods, including in-depth social media analytics. Im glad i used these methods. They proved very effective compared to the more conventional methods of research i tried to implement.

My Research

Throughout my research phase especially, i changed my idea around a lot. After multiple meetings with Graham i settled on my final choice.

04. Development

Originally i just had my idea based around the profession of being a racing driver, but that soon branched out into the marketing side of the argument that i belive i implemanted well.

Idea Development

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What I Learnt



Tackling a challenge of this size was a monumental task for me, something i felt very under qualified to do but i gave it my best shot. The main thing i learnt was about how to deal with theamount of required organisation and self disapline when it came to reading and researching my topic area.

Thank you for your attention