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Take a tour with Mr. DNA to review the material from this week and prepare for your quiz

Our first stop on the tour is a vocabulary review. Knowing the vocabulary term and definition is key to understanding concepts.

Our second stop is reviewing DNA structure. Watch the video for a quick review.

Phosphate group

DNA is made up of nucleotides. Every nucleotide has a phosphate group, sugar, and base. Drag the term to the correct location. Click the key to check your work

Our next stop on the tour is to review DNA and base pairing. watch the video below for a review

Complete the opposite strand of DNA's sequence. Just write which base (letter) belongs. Click the pen on the upper right-hand side. Click on the key to check your work.

Our final stop on the tour is to review genes and alleles. Watch the video below to review

Can you correctly match them all? Click start to see.