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This article talks about how the book may have Holocaust fallacies.

The boy in striped pajamas is a book showcasing the experience of a little German kid moving from his normal house to an out-of-the-ordinary place. In this place, the little kid called Bruno was dying from boredom. There were no other families around his new house, no school, and no playgrounds. This was until he met a kid behind a wall of barbwire. Bruno got close to this kid before he learned that the boy in the striped pajamas was a jew. Being friends with a jew was not an option for Bruno. However, Bruno was different and was willing to go far to stay with the boy in striped pajamas.

Gas chamber scene shows what was going on in camps back in WW2

This image shows a gas chamber which we get to read about near the end of the book. This picture can help readers imagine the place where Bruno and Shmu ​​​​​​

This picture shows the outfit which Bruno calls pajama.

This is a summary video of the movie

This can help to learn a bit about the theme of the book.

This is a concentration camp similar to where Shmuel, the boy in striped pajamas, was living.