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Passenger Research

You will be randomly assigned a passenger to do research on. Click on your Passengers name to learn more about them.

John Jacob Astor IV

Karl Howell Behr

Mrs. J.J. (Margaret "Molly") Brown

Charlotte Cardeza

William Ernest Carter

Dorothy Gibson

Ida Sophia Fischer Hippach

Mary Marvin

Mary Eloise Hughes Smith

Isidor Straus

Charlotte Collyer

Reverend John Harper

Eva Hart

Wallace Hartley

Michel and Edmond Navratil

Robert Phillips

Frank John Goldsmith

Frank John William Goldsmith

Neshan Krekorian

Josef Van De Velde

Johan Cervin Svensson

Anders Johan Andersson

Alfrida Konstantia Brogren Andersson

Anna Sofia Turja

Nicola Lulic

Frederick Joseph Goodwin

First Class Menu:Hors D'oeuvre VariesOystersConsomme Sevigne Creme CondeHalibut, Shrimp SauceFillets of Duckling Green PeasLobster A La NewburgVol Au Vent, MushroomsSirlion of Beef, HorseradishSurrey Capon & Ox TongueHaunch of Mutton, Currant JellySpring Cabbage Vegetable MarrowBoiled RiceGarfield & Boiled New PotatoesSpaghetti A L'ITalienneSaladCaramel PuddingPineapple RoyaleFriandisesFrench Ice Cream

Second Class Menu:Dinner:Consomme TapiocaBaked Haddock, Sharp SauceCurried Chicken & RiceSpring Lamb, Mint SauceRoast Turkey, Cranberry SauceGreen Peas Puree TurnipsBoiled RiceBoiled & Roast PotatoesPlum puddingWine Jelly Cocoanut SandwichAmerican Ice CreamNuts AssortedFresh FruitCheese BiscuitsCoffee

Third Class Menu:Breakfast:Oatmeal Porridge & MilkSmoked Herrings, Jacket PotatoesHam & EggsFresh Bread & ButterMarmalade Swedish BreadTea CoffeeDinner:Rice SoupFresh Bread Cabin BiscuitsRoast Beef, Brown GravySweet Corn Boiled PotatoesPlum Pudding, Sweet SauceFruitTea:Cold MeatCheese PicklesFresh Bread & ButterStewed Figs & RiceTeaSupper:Gruel Cabin Biscuits Cheese