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Lo sapevi che molti cosmetici fanno greenwashing ?

Did you know that many cosmetics are greenwashing?

Many "natural and organic" cosmetic products are rated with scores lower than the standards required to be defined as such.

But are all products really organic? Some brands promote their skin cosmetics as organic, just because the formula contains organic essential oils. Others put the organic certification mark on the box having actually certified only the main ingredient. Some even define cosmetics as organic just because some ingredients are natural (and in any case not certified).

Animal testing is a very widespread practice in the cosmetics sector and this causes great suffering to animals, especially rabbits.

A large number of cosmetic products are classified as organic, even though they are actually tested on animals

Many brands and sub-brands, even well-known ones, promote cosmetic lines without organic certifications. In fact, to classify them as such, highlighting a single ingredient, considered "organic", among the many present.

Advice/note for the reader: As they say “you can't judge a book by its cover”. Read the labels, it's worth wasting 10 seconds of our time to protect the environment