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Discussion Questions on Superstitions

  • Do you think some things are good luck? What?
  • Are there any unlucky numbers in your country? What are they?
  • Do you believe in any superstitions? What are they?
  • Do you have any good luck charms?
Reading Activity
1. Why were umbrellas so dangerous?2. According to Romans, what happened every seven years?3. Does the writer believe in the ‘broken mirror’ superstition? Why / Why not?4. How are the words ‘four’ and ‘death’ related in Chinese?

Complete these sentences with your own ideas.1. It’s minus five degrees outside! If you don’t wear a warmer jacket,________2. Hurry up! If we don’t leave soon, ________.3. Watch out! If you walk under that ladder,_____ .4. That meat is really undercooked. If you eat it,____ .5. Don’t press that button! If you do,_________ .6. If I get time today,____________

  • What number is missing on the panel?
  • What kind of buildings will not have this floor number?
  • What day is really unlucky in America?
  • What number is very lucky in America?
  • What is a lucky number in China?
  • What year did China host the Olympics?
  • What month did the Olympics start?
  • Is finding a penny good luck or bad luck?


Make a list of superstitions either from your own country or from another country. You may need to use the internet for research.
Listening Quiz