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Log into PowerTeacher

Completed by Homeroom Teacher May 5th - May 12th

Log into PowerTeacher

Click on Student Information

Select Student Name

Click on ST name from list of Left Hand Side

Navigate to Student Forms

Use Dropdown menu (right side):

  • Student Forms
  • Click on Stage 2A: Final Summer School Invitation (K-8)

Complete form for EACH HR student

Select "Yes" or "No" for each HR StudentIf Yes, Select appropriate ELA and/or Math Level ST should take for Summer SchoolSupplemental Special Education STs will NOT receive Summer School

Stage 2A- Final Summer School Invitation K-8

How To video

Summer School Info: June 26 - July 28No classes July 3 and 4ELA Lessons: 9:30 - 10:20 Math Lessons: 10:30 - 11:20

Once form is completed -

  • 2023 Summer School RSVP
  • CTs can complete form in Parent Portal (located in forms tab of ST profile)
  • Teachers can complete the form as well if CTs express interest in Summer School by going to the form in PowerTeacher

Follow Up Email for 2A will be sent by APs after May 15

PowerTeacher Main Screen:

  • Summer School Form is completed for HOMEROOM students
  • Click on the blue card in the row associated with your HOMEROOM sections

After clicking on the STUDENT INFORMATION for the HOMEROOM Section -

  • Click the STUDENT'S NAME

Navigate to Student Forms:

  • Use the drop down box on the Right Hand Side and SELECT Student Forms
  • Click on Stage 2A: Final Summer School Invitation (K-8)

Complete the Stage 2A: Final Summer School Invitation (K-8) form:

  • "Yes" or "No" Summer School Invitation
  • If "Yes"
    • Select appropriate Math AND/OR ELA course that should be taken over the summer
      • Need for Summer School is based on Projected Grades on the day form is filled out
    • If Summer School Course is not needed - Select None.
      • Ex: ST projected to FAIL ELA 7 - Summer School ELA Level = ELA 7
  • Students in Supplemental Special Education Courses DO NOT receive Summer School.
  • Fill out form according to Student Information - Hit Submit

LC can access form from Parent Portal

  • LC Log in>Student Profile>Forms Tab>Parent Portal
Form For CTs (or Teachers) to complete in order to Sign Up for Summer School:
  • 2023 Summer School RSVP