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End Of Year checklist

The intent to return is due by June 30th. This does need to be completed before course selection

Intent To Return

Course Selection


Important Dates

End of Year Call

Summer School

Registration for graduation is live! If you plan to participate in graduation in person or virtually, registration is required

Summer School Registration is now live if you have questions please contact your learners homeroom advisor.

With the end of the school year quickly approaching there are some important dates to remember check them out below!

Please take the time to schedule an end of year call for you/your learner. If the times on the calendar do not work for you please reach out to your learners homeroom advisor directly

+ check out this ITR tutorial

+ 2023-2024 Course Catalog

+ Find out how to register here

Students or caretakers can fill out the graduation registration form by completing the following steps, based on your role: Students

  • Log into your student edio account.
  • While logged into edio, open a new tab in your browser and copy and paste the following link: https://sis.ccaeducate.me/public
  • Click on “Forms” in the left menu.
  • Click on “2023 Graduation Registration” under the heading “Graduation”.
  • Complete the form and click “Submit”.
Caretakers Log into your caretaker edio account. Click on “Profile” in the menu at the bottom left of your screen. Click on “Forms & Testing”. Click on “Fill Out” on the “Parent Portal” tile. If you have more than one enrolled child, please select the graduating student’s name at the top of the screen. Click on “Forms” in the left menu. Click on “2023 Graduation Registration” under the heading “Graduation”. Complete the form and click “Submit”. If you have any questions about graduation or registration, please contact the graduation planning team at classof2023@ccaeducate.me. In addition, a Class of 2023 webpage has been created that provides information and details about graduation ceremonies: ccaeducate.me/graduation2023 Please bookmark this page for future reference.

+ Schedule a meeting with Ms. K

After completing your learners ITR please complete their course selection, not sure what they need to take? check out the course catalog below!







+ Important Dates

Testing Flex Days

  • April 24th - Testing Flex Day
  • May 2nd - Testing Flex Day
  • May 10th - Testing Flex Day
  • May 18th - Testing Flex Day
  • May 26th - Testing Flex Day
Please note on testing flex days there will not be any core content courses however there will still be elective and vendor courses. Learners are also still required to log into EDIO for attendance Other Important Dates
  • May 29th - Memorial Day, No School
  • June 9th - Last Day of classes for learners, work for all classes is due at 11:59 PM on June 9th