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Arizona is known as "The Grand Canyon State".You can also find natural beauty places known as alpine tundra, evergreen forests,canyons,and flower carpet flatlands.The climate of arizona is half semi, 3rd of arid,and the remainder is humid

Hot springs at Castle Hot Springs

Arizonas Reginal food: raspado,huevos rancheros,and tamales. Their culture is a mix of native American indian and hispanic cultures. The most famous event in arizona is "Luke Air Base" (LAB) named in honor of Phoenix native Frank Luke Jr.A fighter pilot during world war 1.

Arizona Reginal food, traditions,etc

Walnut Canyon Natinol monument is a United States monument located 10 miles southwest of downtown flag staff. The canyon rim elevation is 6,690ft the canyon floor is 350ft lower.

About 700 years ago,Walnut Canyon was a home to a group of Ancestral Puebloans called the Sinagua,a Spanish term meaning "without water".

Spanish explorers first arrived in the 1530s California,Utah,Nevada,and New Mexico was a part of Mexico through 1840s. After winning the Mexican war is 1848,the United States gained control of the land.

Arizona was the 48 state on February 14 1912

The State animal is the Ringtail,the State bird is the Cactus wren,the State fish is Apache trout,the State colors are Blue,Orange,Red,Yellow.The State nickname is Grand canyon State,the State flower is the Giant Saguaro cactus.The State Motto: "Ditat Deus" (God enriches).