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Bonnie and Clyde; The Making of a Legend

Now that you've finished the text:

  • Revisit your notes about the difference between Legendary and Infamy
  • Find at least four text based examples to put into the Venn Diagram on the next slide. These can be related to your Bonnie and Clyde theme map.
    • Include a short, cited quote and explanation as to why this example shows that Bonnie and Clyde are Legendary, Infamous, or Both.
    • Use the "text" feature on the left menu or the pinpoints in the bottom right just like you did on the Interactive map activity.
  • Finally, use the orange box to make an argument as to whether Bonnie and Clyde should be rememberd as legendary or infamous criminals.



Bonnie and Clyde; The Making of a Legend

Final Verdict

Type Here: although bonnie and clyde had many adventures that seem cool or awesome to the media, they have killed numerous people; some being police officers. bonnie and clyde might have performed legendary feats, but they are infamous for their crimes.

Summary: Law enforcement was weak opposed to outlaws with submachine guns and fast cars. Theme Connection: Law enforcement was very unorganized in the 1920-30's. desperation for more manpower was presented when manpower was so short, "neither the city police nor the county sheriffs department had the ability to stake out a house or track a suspect." with limited officers and equipment trying to pursue criminals like bonnie and Clyde would be close to impossible because they didn't have enough men to lurk around someone's house. "though Clyde was wanted for the Bucher murder deputy sheriffs visited the barrow filling station only once that summer"( Blumenthal 61). Clyde was already being suspected for the Bucher murder and has not yet been found or questioned. this goes to show the desperation for manpower in law enforcement. Primary Source:

Summary: Clyde was not paying attention when he drove off of an unfinished bridge with Bonnie, Buck, and W.D. they were planning to meet up with the barrow family but Clyde was not aware of the unfinished bridge. they fell and almost died, but the idea of them always getting away was put into play. Theme Connection: after the crash, the gang grabbed as many guns as they could because they knew they could not go unnoticed. even though Bonnie's leg was burned with battery acid, Clyde told her to get up. they did not call for an ambulance to help her. "we can't afford it" (Blumenthal 117). with the previous heists, they would have had more than enough money to buy a doctor. they didn't buy it because they did not want to involve the police. this shows the theme of them always getting away as shown through out the book. Primary Source: Picture wont upload. it was a picture of bonnie and clyde handling guns on the road

Summary: The gang have riled up Missouri and Texas because of their robberies, so getting away through different states will allow them to cool down for a while. Theme Connection: the gang goes through different states trying to lose the heat of law enforcement. "with Missouri and Texas feeling dangerous the next two weeks were a blur for the fugitives as they sped through state after state in the nations midsection: Texas to New Mexico to Kansas Nebraska Iowa and Illinois" (Blumenthal 106). they were running from state to state, angering law enforcement in many states. Primary Source:

Summary: 2 police officers suspected the house that Clyde and his gang were in, were bootleggers. With them on the run, they took no chances and opened fire on the officers. Theme Connection: The life of a criminal is presented in this situation because they run away whenever they encounter law enforcement. the officers were "suspecting bootleggers or car thieves" and only had "their service revolvers and a warrant to search for liquor" (Blumenthal 101). the police weren't looking for a shootout to happen over stolen cars or bootlegging. Clyde and his gang constantly run away to avoid consequences from law enforcement. "Harryman took three steps from the car into the garage getting off one round. He was swiftly met with a hail of No. 1 buckshot" (Blumenthal 101). Without thinking, shooting was the first thing they thought of, feeding into the life of a criminal and how they cant face consequences with law enforcement Primary Source: