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What kind of fobs do we have at urbanest?


Resident Fobs

These are fobs issued to residential tenants.A resident is not permitted more than one fob for their residence unless there is an overwhelming welfare reason (e.g. a carer requires a fob) and the additional fob is authorised by the OM and documented on the resident's account on CMS. Where a second fob is issued the ‘Partner Fob’ process should be followed to issue the fob.

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Employee Fobs

Employee Fobs are fobs that are issued permanently to relevant employees.Employee Fobs should be taken home at the end of each shift by employees and are the responsibility of the employee to keep safe. Lost fobs should be notified immediately by the employee to their line manager.

Partner Fobs are issued to people who are not employees of urbanest that require access for an extended period of time. The types of people/organisations that may require a partner fob include: Alpha House Parents, Wardens, Cleaners, Westminster Café staff, incubator tenants, other commercial tenants, and carers for disabled\vulnerable tenants.

Temporary Fobs are issued to contractors or employees that only need access for a short period of time. These fobs should be issued in preference to Partner Fobs wherever this is practical. The fobs are created on an ad hoc basis for individual contractors or employees for the day. The contractor or employee is expected to return the fob at the end of day. Where contractors or temporary staff are on site for a few weeks it is generally thought to be preferable to issue the contractors with Temporary Fobs each day as opposed to issuing them with a Partner Fob for an extended period of time, however it is ultimately at the discretion of the OM which course of action to take based on their assessment of the risk.

Temporary Fobs

Partner Fobs

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Traka Staff Fobs

Traka Staff Fobs refer to fobs that are kept in Traka that staff can issue to themselves. When an operations member of staff (i.e. staff that are not head office staff) come on site, they are expected to check out a Traka Staff Fob so that they conduct their job and also respond to any emergencies (e.g. fire alarm) without needing to withdraw any further keys from the Traka.Traka Staff fobs can be either: • Traka Staff non 'DBO' Fob – provides access to all communal fob doors, flats and bedrooms without DBO. • Traka Staff 'DBO' Fob – same access as Traka Staff Flat Fob + DBO Staff are permitted to self issue either type of fob to themselves. Employees should only check-out the Staff DBO Fob when there is a business reason to do so, this will mitigate the risk of a staff member inadvertently accessing a room with the deadbolt activated.


Traka PMR Fobs

Traka PMR Fobs relate to fobs that will be stored in the Traka and issued to PMR security guards. Traka PMR Fobs will have permission to all communal doors and all flat/bedroom doors. Traka PMR fobs should not be granted DBO permissions. The OM/AOM is responsible for ensuring the Traka PMR Fob is returned back to the Traka after the PMR shift has been completed. When a PMR staff member is issued with a Traka PMR Fob they must confirm acceptance of this fob during the contractor sign in process on PassTab.

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