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10-minute Staff focused mini teach with Nick Shaw


The Importance of reflexivity-bringing research methods into practice

· Benefits for students and teaching career paths

· Applying it to teaching Qualitative Research

· Putting it in to practice

· The impossible task

· Why it's important?

· What it is?


Reflexive practice

Broadly speaking, being reflexive is often considered as a process that you engage with to look over what has happened, how it happened, and the impacts something may have had.But its important to differentiate here that reflexivity can be 2 separate entities.We have reflexive practice and reflexivity in research.

What is reflexivity?

Reflexivity in Research

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Think of an area that you have absolutely no experience with, no opinion about, or no knowledge of and think about how that may influence your approach to that subject and why this may affect how you interpret the phenomena

The Impossible Task


sex and gender




Discussion Activity:

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Lets think about alcohol. We all are familiar with what it is but how might you approach a research project, especially one where alcohol consumption is being talked about in either a postive or negative way, from these factors.

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It encourages our values


It provides a great opportunity to introduce students to being reflexive in all aspects of their lives

Reflexive practice

Knowing that there is no right answer is anxiety provoking. Making students aware of this can reduce the anxiety

Reduce Anxiety

Explaining reflexivity and perceptions can instill confidence in our students. Confidence in their own ability

How does teaching reflexivity benefit our students?

we know we can reflect on our practice in terms of what worked well and not so well and then adapt to meet the needs of the next group or session... but what about us as people?

What does it mean in our practice?


how can we adapt

who we are

how long have we been doing it

what experience we have

Lets consider ourselves

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Think about who we are. what experience do we have? how long have we been involved in psychology? do we remember what it was like to come across this information for the first time? how did we learn? how can we make what we found hard, easier for our students?

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How does bringing in research reflexivity benefit our practice?

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recognising we were once in their position can help us understand the struggles they may have and adapt our approach


using your expertise to breakdown jargon and debunk myths makes content more accessible and demonstrates your resourcefulness

Accessible and resourceful

Being able to adapt to different groups, topics and sessions, and using our own experience to guide students is progression from the archaic ways of old


being reflexive in our approach to teach content can help us stand out as a lecturer



Thanks for considering the importance of reflexivity in research and practice