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to employ in class or on site

Digital Strategies

Always happy to talk about tech in class & for learners/apprentices, provide advice/tuition/guidance/sympathy etc...

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Digital Teaching Learning & Assessment Innovator

Matthew Byrom

Moodle Updates

Handling Images

MS Teams

OneDrive Sharing

Training & Resources

Learner Skills Gaps

MS Lens


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Signpost learners/apprentices to resources

Recommend using Web in classrooms, web/phone whilst on site

THE default system to use with learners & apprentices

Keep an eye on paperwork ahead of deadlines


Good for informal review/support ahead of submission

Get learners/apprentices to share Folders (see videos)

10TB cloud-based storage

Keep an eye on SmartAssessor's upload limits...

Easier for learner/apprectices to drag images around into correct order

Frees up space on their phonesYou get to review original content


Handling Images/Video

Handles video & photos in one document

Insert into PowerPoint

Upload to OneDrive

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If you've lost the electronic copy of a handout, this might allow you to make changes/updates

Easy save to MS Word


MS Lens

Easy save to OneDrive

Scan multiple pages

Easy Scanner for paper documents

Assessors should have ability to advise & support timing of off-job training schedule.

Assessors could have their own channel to give them a voice to apprentices during off-job training.


Teams Collaboration


Add Channels for topics

Get added to Class Teams


Moodle Updates

Access: Tab on Teams

Stripdown & Cleanup

Moodle 4

For those of you moving beyond ETF guidance & seeking an internationally recognised qualification.

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Assessors & Teachers should cherry-pick the learning modules for the nuggets of advice they can pass on to apprentices/learners.


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Microsoft Certified Educator

Student Digital Skills

ETF Framework

Learner Skills Gaps