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Long live the King!

The Crown Jewels

The Coronation ceremony

The Procession

About King Charles III

The Royal Family


The National Anthem

Let's have a look at the Royal family tree !

1. Click on the icon below and read the top 10 facts about King Charles.2. Then, in groups, a title to summarize each fact.

About King Charles

1. Click on the icon on the right and watch the video. Focus on the monuments mentioned.2. Have a look at the paper map and, with your finger, retrace the route of the procession.

The Procession

Have a closer look at the Crown Jewels, usually kept in the Tower of London.

Watch the video between 0'50 and 2'05. Then, identify the main moments in a coronation.

Have a look at Queen Elizabeth's coronation ceremony...

The Coronation Ceremony

Listen to the British National Anthem

The National Anthem

Here is the link to the recipe!

Coronation quiche


Other things about the ceremony

Special thanks to LORENZ KAINZOW, for the document about the Royal family tree.

Long live the King !