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definition: split equally into three sections.

definition: an edge of the flower bed or garden.

definition: an edge of the flower bed or garden.

They had not been a week at Three Chimneys before they had asked Mother to let them have a piece of garden each for their very own, and she had agreed, and the south border under the peach trees had been divided into three pieces and they were allowed to plant whatever they liked there.

Date: Wednesday 3rd MayWALT: use a range of domain skills Title: Railway children chpater 10

definition: on the other side of.

definition: friendly and pleasant.

Peter sowed vegetable seeds in his - carrots and onions and turnips. The seed was given to him by the farmer who lived in the nice black-and-white, wood-and-plaster house just beyond the bridge. He kept turkeys and guinea fowls, and was a most amiable man.

definition: to be right

definition: happy, jolly and cheerful.

Phyllis planted mignonette and nasturtium and Virginia stock in hers. The seeds came up, and though they looked just like weeds, Phyllis believed that they would bear flowers some day. The Virginia stock justified her faith quite soon, and her garden was cheery with a band of bright little flowers, pink and white and red and mauve.

definition: building or constructing things with mud usually on a large scale but Peter is only doing small versions

definition: never had a hope, was always going to fail

But Peter’s vegetables never had much of a chance, because he liked to use the earth of his garden for digging canals, and making forts and earthworks for his toy soldiers.

definition: to become dry and smaller.

definition: to dry up or wilt.

Bobbie planted rose-bushes in her garden, but all the little new leaves of the rose-bushes shrivelled and withered, perhaps because she moved them from the other part of the garden in May, which is not at all the right time of the year for moving roses.