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Evelyne de CaluwéEducational developer at the faculty of bioscience engineering at UGent

The student engagement challengeOnline workshop ICA-EDU 27/04/2023

How can a well-structured e-learning platform and Quick Wins during a lecture/practical contribute to student engagement in class?

Active teaching and learning methods

A well structured e-learning course

Constructive alignment

Possible answers



Expected outcome


Expected outcome

Will be exposed to a number of innovative approaches and mechanisms that they can use in their own positions to enhance engagement in both the assessed curricula and more widely in University life

We face the following challenges at our faculty:

  • Get, especially Flemish, students out of their wait-and-see and passive attitude: "The lecturer will tell me everything I need to know."
  • Get students to come prepared for the practicals in class.
  • Ensure the workload is doable for the students and teachers when implementing active learning and teaching methods.
  • Think about how to deal with a large (larger) heterogeneity in prior knowledge of students
  • Think about how to respond to changing expectations from students about how, when and where they learn and the activities they are interested in and willing to engage with? And what to do with those who express this very assertively.


The Basics of Designing a Course Unit: Constructive alignment

A well structured e-learning platform

Handout interactive techniques

Share your knowledge and practices!


Participation cards

Ufora course: Active (blended) education

Education tips

Quick Win cards

Educational support - and development

Active teaching and learning methods

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Contact detailsEvelyne.decaluwe@ugent.be@EvelynedeCaluwe

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