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The Battle of Ball’s Bluff took place in Virginia. It happen in October 21st 1861. The Confederates won and the Union lost. The Confederates drove the Yankees over the bluff and into the Potomac. 233 people killed and 226 wounded.

The Bull Run started on July 21, 1861. The Bull Run happen in Virginia. The bull run was the first full scale of the civil war. The Bull Run ended the same day as the tart July 21, 1861. The Confederacy won the war and the union lost.

The Battle of Stone River took place in Tennessee. It started in December 31, 1862. The war ended in January 2, 1863. The war was a culmination of the Stone River campaign, it was in the western theater during the civil war.

The Battle of Antietam took place in Maryland. It started in September 17th, 1862 and it ended the same day as it started. About 23,000 people were killed and wounded. It was known for that the Union could stand against the Confederate army in the Eastern theater.

The Battle of Bull run 2 took place in Virginia. It started on August 28th 1862 and ended August 30th 1862. The rebels won the war. There was 9000 confederate causuallys.