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by Aesha and israa

Millions of Muslims around the world observe Ramadan, a holy month in the Islamic calendar. Muslims observe a month-long fast from sunrise to sunset every day throughout this time. Ramadan, however, is a time for much more than only fasting; it is also a chance to deepen one's ties to Allah and take stock of one's spiritually. It is also a chance to put self-control, humility, and empathy into practise. The Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad during the month of Ramadan, which has enormous significance in Islamic history (PBUH). Muslims therefore take this month very seriously as they work to strengthen their religion and practise what they believe. In general, Ramadan is a reminder.


after ramadan we have somethign callled eid


The end of the month-long fasting season known as Ramadan is marked by one of the most significant and frequently observed holidays in the Islamic faith, known as Eid. Muslims gather to rejoice with their families, friends, and communities during this time. Before enjoying delectable traditional meals, exchanging gifts, and showing appreciation for benefits received throughout the year, the day begins with special prayers. The event is a representation of kindness, togetherness, and unity that cuts beyond all barriers of language, culture, and race. Eid promotes societal harmony, love, and compassion towards others in addition to respecting religious traditions. So, it serves as a reminder of what is most important in life: love for all people, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Although we try our best to focus on our school work in the morning, after a while we start to feel dizzy and all we can think about is food and drink. We attempt to calm ourselves down because it's Ramadan and we only get a little bit of sleep, which makes us upset. We also cannot participate in PE. We won't be able to drink any water, therefore we'll be quite thirsty.



We get really lightheaded in the afternoons after lengthy days since there have been five periods. We ask the teachers whether we can work outside of class, and occasionally they respond with a "no" and the instruction to "STOP MOANING!" We just get the impression that they don't get us. We don't eat until eight and must get up early in the morning to eat, so when we try to go back to sleep, we only get about two hours of sleep. This causes us to feel really irritable because we didn't get enough sleep. All we need is a brief pause.