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The News 21 April 2023 - St Bede's

St Bede's House

Easter Greetings from St Bede's HouseAlleluia, Alleluia!I am very happy to report that the girls have returned in good spirits with an excellent attitude to learning and full of enthusiasm for the coming term. We have reflected on our priorities this term with the help of our Headmaster and St Bede's girls are concentrating on excellent conduct and behaviour across the board - because it's the right thing to do, respect for others because it reflects our Benedictine ethos and responsibility for their own studies in order to fulfil their potential. We want them to make the best use of all the many facilities and opportunities that the College has to offer them this term.

St Bede's welcome some of our Old Girls for tea and cakes during the Easter break

Amazing participation of St Bede's girls in trips abroad this Easter

Emma, Stephanie, Margaret, Clemmie, Grace and Betina all participated beautifully in the Schola trip to Rome

Sri Lanka Netball and Cricket Tour

Year 9 Bede's girls, Rachelle, Honor and Kiki thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Sri Lanka with Mrs Edgar,Miss Newbould and Mr Phillips. More photos to follow soonon facebook and twitter!

So proud of Lucy Barrett who has won the Atarah Legacy Fund Memorial Prize, a most prestigous flute competition run by the British Flute Society.

Marie and Rosa went on pilgrimage to Lourdes during their Easter break.

All the girls are looking forward to the Colour Run this weekend as well as the Ampleforth Mile race. We have been extremely lucky with the weather this week and have enjoyed the beginning of a balmy Summer (...let's hope!). The rabbits are breeding all round Bede's. Thank goodness shooting season is not now!