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Sustainability in the charity sector

Entering Your Career



For a sustainability career within the charity sector, a range of A-Levels including geography, sociology and politics, for example, can be really useful. Human geography modules on the social and economic issues associated with urbanisation can be especially beneficial.

Entering Your Career

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It’s quite a common misconception that the only careers within charity are volunteer roles, but that’s far from the case! Although there are plenty of volunteering opportunities available (over 2 billion hours are spent volunteering each year in the UK!), the charity sector has plenty of career opportunities available for you to consider.What kind of roles are available to me? Although charities aren’t a business that intends to generate profits, they usually still have multiple departments in order to function effectively. Marketing, finance, and business development are all areas in which charities have a focus, and there will be typical opportunities within these departments.

Of course, there are also roles that are fairly specific to charities and NGOs - let’s have a look at some of them:

Grant officer

This role works closely with fundraising departments to achieve financial targets and ensure long-term sustainability of the work. The role involves producing applications, presentations, and documentation to support funding opportunities to boost the charity’s reach.

Volunteer officer

This would actually be responsible for recruiting, training, and managing volunteers. This could be on a smaller, local scale, or on a global level.

Entering Your Career

Fundraising officer

A position that focuses on generating income through community events and activities, and appeals to investors and donors to increase income.

Charity careers in sustainability