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no red ink

grammar practice

Rule: Two independent clauses (complete thoughts) cannot be joined by a comma, nor can they be smushed together with no punctuation. Comma Splice: Heather loves Shakespeare, she went to visit the Globe Theater. Fused Sentence Error: I love mangos they are tasty.

this week: correcting run-ons

Your tasks

Watch the video above. Then click on the No Red Ink logo below to practice! Afterwards, you will answer five questions here on Buzz to demonstrate your mastery of the concept!

Click me if you haven't set up your No Red Ink account!

Your class code: another sun 80

Click here to hear a teacher talk you through this!

Once you click here, the window below will open. Click "Sign up as a student." It will then ask you for a class code. Our class code is ano another sun 80 It will then ask you to sign up as a student. You can choose either Sign up with Google or Sign up with Clever. Whichever you prefer! Personally, I prefer to sign up with Google. After this step, you will not need to repeat this process every time you have a grammar practice. Afterwards, No Red Ink will ask you to type in your name and choose your interests. This will allow No Red Ink to customize the sentences you interact with in the program to include the names of characters you like. After you choose your interests, it will show you a list of assignments in No Red Ink. DO NOT CLICK INTO ANY ASSIGNMENTS. Instead, exit out of No Red Ink. Then click the No Red Ink logo right below the video you watched in this infographic. It will take you to the exact practice you need to do!