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WELCOME! Here is what you can expect from our training: - This is a self-instructional program. You can study at your own pace. - The sessions are organized accordingly to the timeline of the Graduate Program. - Each session has a quiz to test your comprehension.

Training Structure: Session 1: First steps after being accepted; Session 2: First procedures; Session 3: Annual Report; Session 4: Other Activities; Session 5: Thesis Proposal Session 6: Thesis or Dissertation Bonus: complementary material;

Who we are: The Feminist and Gender Studies Student Association is made by students to help other students. [...]

MA - 2 years


MA - 1 year




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Staff: These are the people you can reach at the Department: - Nandy Casamajor: - bbb - ccc

Professors: Michael Orsini: Full Professor; Political Studies. Learn More about this professor Gulzar Charania: Assistant Professor; Critical Race Studies and more; Learn more about this professor Professor 3: Title; Area; Learn more about this professor See all the professors

Colleagues: We are a big family. You will probably take courses and work with many colleagues during the program. Click here to see the profile of the students.