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phisics and chemestry

Pollution and purification of the earth

Nayra y Yasmina 3B

Nayra y Yasmina


Drink water in a plastic bottleLeave the butts on the beachFlush wipes down the toilet

The contamination of the earth is mainly due to the chemical substances produced by human activities.

Wath is the earth pollution?

The accumulation of gases in the atmosphere also generates enviromental problems whith sadly well-know concequences:Acid rain,depletion of the ozone layer,global warming,the greenhouse effect,etc...

H w does pollution affect the earth?

As we all know,the earth purifies itself over time,but lately, due so much contamination,and it takes much longer.To avoid this there are several solutions.For example,avoid discaring plastics and rubbish near the sea,use solar panels,recycle etc...

The earth purification