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the basics of research literature

The Massage Therapy Foundation created a Basics of Research Literacy course in the early 2000’s. This course provides training to massage therapists who desire to increase their knowledge and skills to integrate research results in their practice. They requested an update that would improve user experience, navigation and engagement.The learner joins Leigh, our massage therapist heroine, who is learning about how research can help in her practice. She and the learner are guided by Walt, her mentor, through videos, articles and activities. Enjoy reviewing before & after screen shots of the course. Select this symbol for interactivity.

Client Needs

new course has video introductions for each module

Previous CourseIntroduction

from Outdated to upgraded

simple multiple choice

drag & drop interactions

From basic to brilliant


hover interactions

text heavy information

Instead of just reading learners can interact with important key terms.

From informative to interactive

concise reference infographics

Basic definitions

From formulaic to fantastic

Video introducing complex concepts

text only explanations

from Mundane to mysterious


Lisa Lim


Elizabeth Halter

amy Cook

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