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Rare & Valuable Skills

Developing your Unique Skills

What are we doing today?

Self Reflection


Crafting a fulfilling career with your skills and talents


Develop a plan


You will engage in self-reflection and self-discovery to identify your rare skills and talents.

You will learn about the importance of developing rare and valuable skills

Learn to develop a plan and concentrate on bettering your skills to reach your desired career goals!

Importance of building skills

What makes you forget you're hungry, thirsty, tired or sad?What activities make you so content, time stood still when you did them?

Importance of building rare skills

Understanding your unique talents and skills is important because it can help you identify what you're passionate about and what you enjoy doing. This can make it easier for you to choose a career that you'll enjoy and be good at.

Importance of building skills

Rare and valuable skills are skills that not many people have, but that are in high demand in the job market. Examples of rare and valuable skills include programming, data analysis, speaking a foriegn language, critical thinking, communication and more.

Importance of building rare skills

So, if you want to be successful in your career, it's important to understand your unique talents and skills and to work on developing rare and valuable skills that can make you stand out.

Importance of building rare skills

Remember to keep practicing and learning, and you'll be well on your way to achieving your career goals!

How to find your unique skills

Importance of building rare skills

Out of the 11 passions/abilities, which abilities resonate most for you?Hopefully this will allow you to figure out which career path you may go down and also help you find your purpose in life.


Now you have written your preferred abilities or passions from the video.On your own, come up with a list of your own talents, skills, and strengths and how they could relate to a future career ( make notes about what that career could be).

Some Ideas to think about....

  • For example, you could be good at drawing, writing stories, or playing video games. These hobbies can be valuable skills in certain careers, such as graphic design, journalism, or game development.
  • Are you outgoing and friendly? Are you organized and detail-oriented? These traits can be strengths that are valuable in many different careers.
  • Maybe you helped organize a charity event, or maybe you were a leader in a sports team. These experiences can develop skills such as teamwork, leadership, and communication.
  • Maybe you are really good at memorizing things, or maybe you have a talent for making people laugh. These unique abilities can be valuable in unexpected ways.

But how do we develop rare and valuable skills?

Developing rare skills...

To develop rare and valuable skills, it's important to identify areas that interest you and align with your strengths. You can take courses, read books, practice, and seek out opportunities to apply your skills in real-world situations.

Developing rare skills...

With consistent effort and practice, you can become an expert in your chosen area and develop skills that can be invaluable in your future career.

So we have a list of your skills & talents, now let's think about a career

Dream Career: Your Task...

  • Choose a career
  • Think about the skills you need to achieve this career
  • Think about how you can learn and devleop these skills?
  • Showcase how you will develop each skill needed
  • Highlight potential pathways into the career
  • Share you career goals and skills with others in class

Chef Example

You could start by working in kitchens as a kitchen porter, carrying out basic duties including dishwashing, cleaning and assisting senior colleagues. You could also gain experience as a trainee chef or a commis chef, which includes some food preparation duties and experience working with a head chef.