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Acid rain

Acid rain is when moisture in the air forms and combines with nitrogen oxides amd sulfur dioxide emitted by factories,power plants,and vehicles that burn coal or petroleum products.In interaction with rainwater, these gases form acids that end up falling to the ground accompanied by precipitation, which builds acid rain.Destroy plants crops and gardens, among others

what is acid rain

effects of acid rainIt causes a change in its acidity that destroys algae and plankton, and increases fish mortality. The forest masses are also victims of this phenomenon, by devastating the microorganisms that fix nitrogen and directly destroying the leaves and branches by contact.

What can destroy acid rain?

-Reduce the maximum level of sulfur in different fuels. -promote the use of matural gas in various industries.-Expansion of the electric transportation system.-Installation of control equipment in different establishments.-I water crops a lot with chemical substances,ect.

solutions to prevent acid rain