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You wake up in an unfamiliar room. You feel nothing, neither hunger, thirst nor fatigue. You hear a soft whisper, asking you to open your eyes…

Open your eyes!

Stay in darkness forever!

Your eyes remain closed forever, after a while you hear nothing, you are in a vacuum, after a while you forget who you are...

It doesn't have to be the end, you can start from the beginning at any time

The End

Unfortunately, the answer was wrong, you will stay here forever...

The End

It doesn't have to be the end, you can start from the beginning at any time

You sit on the floor. The decision has been made, you will keep the duckling company.After a while you become a duckling...

The End

It doesn't have to be the end, you can start from the beginning at any time

Dziękuję że tu jesteś.

To your surprise, in front of you there is a little duck wearing a cylinder hat on its head

Welcome, I will be your guide today. You are here for a reason, it is a punishment for your crimes, but if you manage to leave this place we will forgive you everything. The only way to get out of here is to guess all the riddles. I must warn you though, if you make a mistake during this experience your adventure will be over, but fear not, just click me and I am ready to help. If you are ready to move on, slide your mouse over me and press the left button.

You have noticed that behind the box there is a small locked box, on its lock there is the first riddle...

The things in the earlier box refer to a certain object. Who is its author?

Antoni Gaudí

Pablo Picasso

Louis Henry Sullivan

Walter Gropius

William Blake

It seems to me that the creator's name does not begin with W or L.

You have managed to open the box, there are two items inside...

You can feel with your hand two medium sized ripples and bumps on one side of the box...

You see two buttons in front of you. According to what proportion was the stick in the box divided?


or maybe


I always like the yellow colour.

After pressing the button you hear a loud click behind you, you notice that a hole has been made in the wall, in which there is a small safe with a picture of a sphinx and another riddle...

Co to za zwierzę, które rano chodzi na czterech nogach, w południe - na dwóch, a wieczorem - na trzech?

What is an animal that walks on four legs in the morning, two at midday and three in the evening?











Homo sapiens is an exceptionally wise word.

There is an even smaller safe and another riddle engraved on it...

What is the work of the author of the statue pictured in the Paris area?

The golden Joan of Arc

The equestrian statue of Henri IV

The Triumphal Arch

The Eiffel Tower

I don't even want to know how many tonnes of iron were used to build this tower.

After choosing an answer you hear another click, you quickly turn around. The room has changed, the box and crate have disappeared. There are now several paintings on the wall and another riddle...

To which temple does the sculpture fit?

The upper temple on the right looks inviting, perhaps I will visit it one day.

After choosing the answer, the images on the wall immediately got changed...

There is one last riddle left, maybe you'll give in. I don't want to be left here alone again. - Said the duckling.

Give up and stay with the duckling.


What company do you associate the previous images with?

After choosing the last answer you notice that the walls of the room disappear, the intense light starts to burn your retinas. A moment later you wake up in a white room, all your senses have returned. You don't know where you are, but you can smell the sweet scent of freedom again.

"I'd rather die in the wild on the way home than starve to death here." - The Morning Star