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Valencia High SchoolStaff Relations Project

Valencia High School organized a Staff Relations project. This project contains two projects which were all about Gift Giving. Our staff realations group worked hard to accomplish all of our projects. Even with minor setbacks, we were able to successfully accomplish our project. Here at Valencia High, we like to make sure that our teachers are cared and thought about. This was the exact purpose of project: Staff Relations.

introduction To STaff Relations

Halloween Staff project

You've Been Booed

We asked staff members if they would like to take part in our first staff relations initiative, an “I’ve been Boo'd” gift exchange with a Halloween theme! The idea is for staff members to decorating their doors with a Halloween theme after receiving a goodie bag from another staff member. Decorating their door would signify that they have already been 'Booed' and have recived a goodie bag. This was for staff members are aware they have already received a gift. This went on until all of the staff who wanted to take part were booed.

You've been booed

This was exciting to watch the staff interact with thier students and other staff, and to talk to their students about who they were going to give a gift to the teachers and what they received themselves.

You've been booed

Holiday Project

Secret Santa

Set backs We Overcame

Secret Santa

Our administration was unable to have their annual Secret Santa gift exchange due to scheduling problems. This gave a opportunity for student council to provide the staff with their annual tradition. We wanted the staff to a good ending to the year by giving them a breakfest and a gift!

Each number had one pair when they received it. 30 staff members and 15 pairings in all took part in the activity. The staff only knew whatever number they had; they were unaware of which employee had the corresponding number. The requirement was that each member of the staff receive a present that they would want to receive. We provided the workers with a variety of categories to choose from, if they so desired.

Secret Santa

We are happy to say that you in our Secret Santa project. This will work by you getting a number, this will be paired up to another number that another staff member has. You will be getting a gift for both people that have the same number. The fun part about this is that you have no clue what gifts you’re getting this person! -An example of this is Person A and Person B both getting the number two, then they would both be giving their gifts for each other without knowing who they are giving it to. The staff would get various items that are holiday themed gifts. (There is a list below to use as a guide). During the last week of the semester, please send the gifts to Mr. Navarro’s room (101) by December 13th. During the 15th & 16th, student council members will deliver the gifts to the matching number on the 16th. The price range can be anywhere from $20 to $35 there is a list provided below on different categories. We are excited that you are participating in out project, we are eager to see you on December 16th! *Feel free to use these categories as a guide* Home Décor Kitchen Appliances Comfort and Living Selfcare Beauty Fashion Gag Gifts Games Movies Electronics

Secret Santa

The long-awaited project was finally here, we were so excited to do this project and present it to the staff during a breakfast in the morning. We all dressed up in the Christmas Spirit and went class-to- class to deliver each gift. The best part was seeing their smiles! It was nice to see all of our hard work finally pay off.


We wanted to share a video we put together for our social Media page showing our Staff Relations Project.Click on the link!