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Learning outcomes:

3. Set up your iris account and complete a student conference for reflection

2. Complete a series of tasks linked to giving feedback

1. Consider research around feedback in education


activity 3a - Student conferencing: iris

Activity 3 - student conferencing

activity 1 - types of feedback

Activity 2a - Edpuzzle!

J. Nicol 2010

Summative assessment!

Activity 2 - Effective feedback

J. Hattie 1999


Feedback is an important part of the assessment process. It has a significant effect on student learning and has been described as “the most powerful single moderator that enhances achievement”(Hattie, 1999).

Feedback is valuable when it is received, understood and acted on. How students analyse, discuss and act on feedback is as important as the quality of the feedback itself. Through the interaction students have with feedback, they come to understand how to develop their learning.

Nicol (2010)

The main objectives of feedback are to:- justify to students how their mark or grade was derived - identify and reward specific qualities in student work - guide students on what steps to take to improve - motivate them to act on their assessment - develop their capability to monitor, evaluate and regulate their own learning.(Nicol, 2010).


Click on the icon - - - - >Populate the document with all the different types of feedback you use...

Activity 1 - Types of feedback

Activity 2 Effective feedback


Activity 2a - Click the icon below... complete the EdPuzzle!

You can write an



2. Click on the info icon below... Complete the Survey below identifying how student conferencing can help you give effective feedback...

Activity 3 - Student conferencing1. Click the thinglink icon - fOLLOW a,b,c,d...Make notes!

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4.During your 121 follow up from this e-learning module - discuss impact of conferencing

3.Complete a reflection giving feedback to a student

2.Click the icon - watch the youtube on reflections and feedback on iris

1.Click the icon - set up your iris account/ renew your password

student conferencing activity 3a

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Summative assessment

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