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CATONIE goes on a tour around GONDOMAR (in SPAIN)

This is our town. Its name is Gondomar. In Gondomar we are 14,970 inhabitants and it´s located in Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain. Gondomar has 10 parishes: Gondomar, Donas, Couso, Chain, Borreiros, Mañufe, Morgadáns, Peitieiros, Vilaza and Vincios. It is big and beautiful.Gondomar is a charming town.

our town

In Gondomar there are petroglyphs.These petroglyphs are in Galiñero´s mountain,they were discovered in the year 1983. Galiñeiro mountain is located in the northern part of Gondomar, in the parish of Vincios, right on the border with the towns of Vigo and O Porriño.

galiñeiro petroglyphs

The mountain is 711 metres high.The petroglyphs of Galiñeiro are very important for the town of Gondomar.The petroglyphs of O Galiñeiro are very beautiful, and they are very old.They are special because they have images of weapons, arches and swords.

galiñeiro petroglyphs

The viewpoint of Vilas is located on a mountain, there is a bench and you can see the valley (Val Miñor) and the ocean.Vilas viewpoint is beautiful and calm.

vilas viewpoint

as cercas football field

This football pitch is located in the centre of Gondomar, next to the river, the tennis and basketball courts. This pitch was founded in 1914. The football field has artificial grass. The team is good.

It is the church of Gondomar.The church of San Bieito is large and it has a cemetery next to it.It is very beautiful and important for the Gondomar community.

san bieito church

It is from the 19th century, but there was an older church there before. The church retains a certain monumental aspect accentuated by its isolation from the square. It has a single central tower and a single nave with side chapels. Inside, there are beautiful baroque carvings.

The Castro de Pedra Moura is a 3000 year old town. It is now abandoned.The Castro Pedra Moura is important in Gondomar .

castro pedra moura

The Castro de Pedra Moura is a 3000 year old town. It is now abandoned.The Castro Pedra Moura is important in Gondomar .

castro pedra moura

The town hall is in a square in the centre of Gondomar. It was built in the 19th century. In festivals, people decorate the town hall and it is beautiful. Here it is decorated for Christmas

gondomar town hall

The river Zamáns is 29 metres deep. The river Miñor measures 16 km. They are very beautiful. When it rains the rivers overflow.

rivers zamáns and miñor

The Peralba’s house is a manor house in the center of Gondomar. The house was built in the nineteenth century. In the house there is a bronze plaque, and the plaque says that the first sports radio announcer in Spain was born there.

peralba house

This house was built in 1919 and after 100 years they fixed it. It is big, beautiful and very important.



It is a big mountain. There are beautiful views. Every year, teachers and students walk there to celebrate Magosto.

The skatepark is a very good place to skate, but in winter it sometimes floods and you can't skate.The Skate park is big and you can spend time with your friends there. It is fun for teenagers.You can meet new people there.The skate park is located in the center of Gondomar and it is very popular.

skate park

san miguel de peitieiros

San Miguel de Peitieiros is a beautiful church.It has a romanesque style, completely renovatedin the 18th century and in the middle of the 20th century.Many people go to San Miguel.

The Rosalía square is a new square in the middle of Gondomar. In the square you can sit on the benches to have a snack. It is a beautiful place.Rosalía de Castro was a great Galician poet. She is very important.

rosalía de castro square

Santa Lucía is a chapel in Vincios. It is a temple with a Latin cross plan. The pilgrimage to Santa Lucía and the Vincios summer festivals are held here.

santa lucía chapel

Many children play in this park. We went a lot when we were little.It is a fun place to meet friends. There are cafeterias near it.You will have a great time there! A Colleira park is fantastic.

a coelleira park

O Bravo aqueduct is a beautiful place. It is from the 17th century. It is near the centre of Gondomar. It is over the river Zamáns.

o bravo aqueduct

We practise many sports in the local sports centre: indoor football, skating, judo, tennis, basketball, gymnastics...

sports centre

This sculpture is near A Coelleira park. The sculpture represents a literary work by Carlos Casares. The head of the sculpture points to his house and the tail to the cemetery where he is buried.


This sculpture is in the town hall square. It was created because of the 2017 fires of Gondomar. It is dedicated to firefighters.

This big dam is in the north of Gondomar. Its construction started in 1938.

vincios dam

Many people in Gondomar have horses or know how to ride a horse.They are very important in Gondomar.


Hello, Catonie! Welcome to Gondomar!!

Rosquillas are very traditional food in Gondomar. They are very famous because they are delicious.They are round, like doughnuts. The ingredients are puff pastry, butter, sugar, honey and water.It is a typical dessert. They are the best in the world!


At the beginning of December Gondomar is decorated forChristmas. There are lights and other decorations. They are incredible.

christmas decorations

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Special thanks to Emma, Jimena, Lía and Oliver for the pictures.