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We Work Outside

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Wind Turbine Technician Wind Turbine Technicians are responsible for keeping wind turbines running well. The work involves testing and repairing mechanical and electrical equipment and doing daily checks. The work is offshore and onshore at wind farms.

Outdoor Activity Instructor Outdoor Activity Instructors deliver and lead outdoor activities such as climbing for all ages and abilities. They often work with school groups at residential outdoor centres. The responsibilities include checking equipment, supervising safe use of equipment and providing a great customer experience.

Landscape Gardener Landscape Gardeners design, create and maintain gardens in public or private spaces. The work is predominantly manual and can involve, digging, pruning, weeding flower beds and borders, shrub clearance and mowing. Gardeners often use power tools such as hedge trimmers, blowers and lawn mowers, which they often maintain and clean themselves.

Caravan and Campsite Manager A manager of a caravan or campsite is responsible for the smooth running of the campsite and this can involve a variety of tasks. Setting up the site, taking down and securing the site at the end of the day, overseeing the cleaning and maintenance of campsite amenities (toilets, kitchen area, shops). Administrative tasks such as bookings, cancellations, stock control and dealing with customer queries.

Botanist Botanists/Plant Biologists study plant life in all its forms including algae and fungi, both in the field and in a laboratory. They look into every aspect of plant life such as evolution, reproduction, processes, relationships with other life forms by conducting research. They gather data, analyse and present their findings in the form of reports and studies.

Heritage/Visitor Experience Officer Heritage/Visitor Experience Officers work at sites of cultural and historical importance (castles, ruins, historical houses etc.) They are responsible for a variety of tasks such as welcoming, orientating visitors, providing visitor information and dealing with visitor queries. Some Heritage/Visitor Experience Officers conduct tours, deal with selling products, memberships and event tickets.

Dog Walker Dog walkers walk dogs for people who don't have the time themselves. They are responsible keeping the dogs safe while they are on walks and for providing them with adequate exercise. The walks are scheduled and often involve walking more than one dog.

Tree Surgeon A Tree Surgeon provides a range of services around tree care. Tree Surgeons often deal with the removal of trees and or its branches when trees have fallen onto roads, power lines or rail tracks. Tasks include, planting, felling, stump removal and pruning as well as carrying out hazard assessments for trees.

Grounds Maintenance Operative A Grounds Maintenance Operative works in a team or individually to maintain outdoor spaces, such as a parks, cemeteries or other outdoor spaces. They undertake a range of horticultural maintenance activities such as weeding, pruning, mowing lawns, hedge cutting and planting.

Cemetery Operative A Cemetery Operative is responsible for preparing and maintaining graves and ash plots in cemetery grounds. The work can also include general maintenance of the cemetery, such as hedge cutting, mowing lawns, scrub clearing and litter picking. Other duties may include dealing with enquiries from the public and opening and securing the gates of the grounds.

Arable Farmer An Arable Farmer deals with the growing and harvesting of crops. There are many tasks involved in ploughing fields, sowing seeds and harvesting crops. Arable farmers use farm machinery such as tractors, ploughs and combine harvesters so being able to to operate machinery is important. Various other tasks can be involved such as trimming hedges, clearing drains, mending fences and repairing farm machinery.

Construction Worker Construction Workers deal with a range of manual tasks at construction sites. These can include; preparing tools and materials, assisting with the transportation of materials, cleaning, erecting and dismantling ramps and scaffolding. They often assist other tradesmen such as Bricklayers, Plumbers, Masons and Electricians.

Farm Worker Farm Workers look after farm animals like cattle, sheep and pigs and this can involve a variety of manual and practical tasks. Some of the regular tasks are feeding the animals, ensuring that the animals have a supply of food and water, treating the animals to prevent disease, keeping animals and their accommodation clean. Checking machinery is in working order such as milking machines, cleaning and repairing machinery and equipment when necessary.

Countryside Ranger A Countryside Range, sometimes known as a Warden is responsible for a site, usually of special interest for plants, animals and birds such as woodland, wetlands or lakes/reservoirs. They look after, create and protect habitats by planting trees, managing ponds or woodlands. A range of tasks are involved such as scrub clearance, mending fences, building paths, planting and trimming hedges. Many Rangers are involved in giving talks to schools groups and working with volunteers on conservation projects.

Surveyor Surveyors ensure that new builds are built to the regulations and specifications required. They conduct surveys by examining land features, taking measurements of property boundaries, create records, reports and maps to present to clients such as building developers.

Civil Engineer Civil Engineers plan, design and oversee the construction and maintenance of building structures and infrastructures. These structures and infrastructures can be buildings, roads, railways, bridges, water and sewage systems. There are many tasks involved in the job such as conducting site investigations, assessing hazards, materials and costs, managing budgets and staff.

Construction Plant Operator Construction Plant Operators are responsible for the operation of the machinery and equipment used on construction sites. The tasks are varied but typically involve moving equipment around a site such as cranes, diggers, bulldozers and excavators. Carrying out health and safety checks on all the equipment and machinery, unloading and loading materials for transportation around the site.

Landscape Architect Landscape Architects plan, design and manage the landscapes we live and work in. They advise on and design outdoor areas such as gardens, parks, car parks, motorways, recreational areas for residential, industrial and commercial sites. Landscape Architects often work with architects, surveyors and engineers to plan the outdoor aspects of new builds.

Power Line Technician A Power Line Technician is responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing overhead and underground power lines and cables. The tasks involved are testing electrical equipment, wiring and re-wiring, installing new cables and repairing out of date equipment. Power Line Technicians are often called out during emergencies when power lines are damaged due to weather events.