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Kirov, 2023

The work is done by Sofia Popova, 7В Form, School 56, Teacher: O.V. Lobastova

«The native land is famous for its talents»

I want to tell you about a famous person Natalia Albertovna Musykant

Natalia Albertovna Musykant was born in the city of Kirov in 1962. She finished school №56 there. After school, in 1970 she entered the Institute of Culture in Moscow and got a specialty as a choreography teacher.

Natalia Albertovna organized the first children’s pop group in 1988, on the basis of the center «Avitek» and became the artistic director of the music and dance theater which was called «The Experiment».

Why did you decide to open the children’s music and dance theater? Natalia Albertovna answered this question as follows: «Upon graduation, I worked as a professional dancer, ballet dancer. In 1983-1984, I had a variety dance theater «The Chance», it was an adult collective. And I would really like to create a children’s collective that would work in the pop direction. There were no analogues of such team. The bandstand was generally skeptical at that time. And, because it was the first children’s pop dance group, I called it «Тhe Experiment».

Nowadays children of this theatre study different styles of dances such as: jazz modern, modern dance, classical dance, historical dance, as well as acting. Now the dance theater «The Experiment» is a winner of many International competitions and festivals, a multiple winner of the Grand Prix.

«To be a bird soaring in the sky! To be real, to be yourself!» This is the motto of Natalia Musykant, and it gives her vital energy and strength, it allows her always be in search of new points of application of her talent.

I am also a participant in «the Experiment». And I am very glad that I study with Natalia Albertovna.

Natalia Albertovna creates many projects for children that help them develop and learn our Russian history. The project «Ah times! Ah manners» is a traditional project that takes place in St. Petersburg in a real Palace. It happens always in December. Natalia Albertovna always begins preparing her students for this trip in summer. They go to the summer camp and study the history of the ball, learn dancing, sew handbags and shoes. Every student looks forward to performing in St. Petersburg. Last December our trip was unforgettable and amazing! We won four cups in different dance categories and Natalia Albertovna was happy.

Natalia Albertovna organizes winter trips to Grandfather Frost in Veliky Ustyug. And her children go there with great pleasure!

I am proud of being a student of Natalia Albertovna! I wish her strong health, new successes and new achievements!

Thank you for attention!

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