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Hi guys,This is the end of the year, but do you have the level to go in Terminale ?

Access to TSTI2D

European rule 1275/2008 says that the power of a device in standby mode mustn't exceed a power of 1W. Suppose a family who has one of each device except the phone chargers (4), the computers (2) and the game consoles (2).How many big wind turbines do we need to feed all these passive devices ? Keep this value, it will be the fourth number of your code.


well done ! you deserve to go in terminale. to congratulate you i offer you a fireworks.

By finding the rotating speed of the last axe, you will have your code. Process information: 1. With a tachymeter, measure the speed of the motor 2. Help by the number of teeth, find the speed of the last axe