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Burger Menu: Easy navigation to features of Pebble+ including in depth help and temporary access.

Logos: PebblePad logo: return to dashboard Green icon: Pebble+ (student side) Blue icon: ATLAS (tutor side)

Profile & Stores: Access to edit profile image and links to both the Asset & Resource stores.

You last worked on: Link to the last item you worked on, and option to see your history of most recently modified assets.

Work on: Links to start building custom resources (workbooks/templates). Or option to view your assets.

Learning Centre: View simple PebblePad help resources and short video tutorials.

What's happening? Shows an activity feed with notifications on recent activity and any deadlines that have been set in PebblePad.

Upload new: Add documents/images etc. as assets. Everything in your asset is private until you chose to share it (usually within your workbook).

Access icons: Cog: Settings (language/cookies) Squares: Quick search icon Clock: History (of assets you've worked on) Door: Log out

Get creative: Create new personal assets including portfolio, pages, blogs, collections and activity logs.