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The pupils of the 8th Primary School of Kallithea present


Our eTwinning project

Let's watch some videos about eSafety.

After watching the videos and discussing in class we have come up, with some Internet Safety rules.

Create an avatar. Do not upload your photos.
Do not give your real address, telephone number ....
Give comments. Express your ideas.
Be in touch with the project members.
Do not use capital letters.
Respect each other!
The online world is not real!
Protect pupils' personalities
Use a proper language.

It's quiz time!

The Internet is a powerful tool. It can be used to promote your ideas, gain new friends, and stay in touch with others. It is also a source of entertainment. But like most things in this world, there is always ―another side of the coin. "The Internet is one of the most dangerous places, especially if you do not know what you are doing."

The pupils of E1 and their teacher Karabali Georgia of the 8th Primary School of Kallithea.