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Where is Spain?

Not here, this is Mexico!

Not here, this is Australia!

Try again, this are the Arab Emirates!


-Capital of Spain-Second city more populated of the European Union-Very influential cultural point conformed by multiple well-known museums internationally such as Prado Museum, Queen Sofia Museum of Art and the Thyssen-Bornemisza-Very popular for his football team (Real Madrid)



-Second city more populated of Spain-Specially well-known for its football team as well-Scene of numerously international events such as the Olimpic Games or Universal Exhibitions.-A place surrounded by cultural landmarks considered World Heritage by the United Nations as "Güell Park" or the "Sagrada Family" -Moreover, a perfect communicated spot with ship ports, airports and railway lines.



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-Headquarters of the United Nations Secretariat for 10 years-Host of some International exhibitions such as "Expo Zaragoza" to contribute with the sustainable development .-Its privileged geographical location makes it a crucial logistics and communications hub-It owns a vary of buildings full of history such as "the Aljaferia Palace" and "the Seo"-Known for being entitled for its loyalty based on its history



-This city it is known as "the city of arts and sciences" due to its numerously historical monuments such as "The Sillk Market" considered World Heritage by UNESCO since 1996-Origin of one of the most traditional food in Spain called "paella"-Famous too for its Festival "Fallas" commemorating Saint Jose-It has the biggest aquarium in Europe, "the Oceanographic"


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-One of the cultural centres of history in Spain as a New World of exploration and the capital when the Muslims owned the country.-The second most read novel in the world after the Bible was conceived here, "Don Quijote"-A city surrounded by Muslim heritage such as builings like "the Gold Tower" built for defending the city. We can see "the Giralda" too, a bell tower built by the christians.-Its most famous celebration is "the Sevilla´s Fair" in spring where people dresses colourful and like to dance "sevillanas"



-It is translated as "The Way of Saint James" and it consists on a pilgrim journey of 963 km of leght to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in the region of Galicia. -Considered an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993-In 2019 more than 89000 of people from all over the world did this journey-The people tend to do it on foot and it is a exxperience of cultural exchanges