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In completing this Unit the learner will be able to realize which are the community values.



MODULE 14: My Story - My Community and I

My Story



We are all together and if we are to truly write a new story in the history of our community, it is important to make sure that everyone has a voice. People from different racial, ethnic, gender and economic perspectives will all have different perspectives to share about our community, many of which are contrary to common European narratives. We want the story of our community to be an open space for everyone's stories.

Unit 14.1: The values of our community

Human beings can't live without a community. We try not only to serve the community in our work but also to create a sense of community around the people who interact with us and join us in our community activities. We want our volunteers to get involved and feel part of a community.

The need to belong to a community



An important aspect of creating dialogue and sharing our stories is that all participants come to our activities with the feeling that vulnerability is not a defect, it is an emotional state that in a safe environment can be asserted without being judged. Understanding who we really are and what narratives have been influential in our lives is a key aspect of identifying our own values and understanding our personal, individual and community stories.


Provocative dialogue

Creating a new narrative will involve some tough conversations at times. We strive to create experiences and dialogues that challenge many of our preconceived notions about how the world works, to show each of our roles in maintaining or challenging the status quo through a better narrative. These dialogues will not always be easy, but in an environment where there is trust, any issue is in fact an opportunity for development.



The goal of storytelling in community development is to create a better world for all, and that also means working to raise and support the people in our communities as best we can. This can take the form of direct community support, such as volunteering or providing people with tools and learning opportunities to grow. Strengthening the community can also be linked to our own personal development. By working to make us stronger, more resilient, and more conscientious, we can return a benefit to our whole community.


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MODULE 14: My Story - My Community and I