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The different steps to have access to a reading and writing specialist in French.







A 20-minute discovery call to understand your expectations. The free initial call can be made by phone or zoom and is free. It also aims to find out if orthopédagogie is the right service for your child. It allows me to present my philosophy, my functioning and to see my energy. If your child wishes to be present, it will be a good opportunity to know his/her opinion and his/her intentions.

This step is a portrait of your child's learning + a zoom call. The ''learning Portrait'' lasts between 30 minutes and 60 minutes. For me, the ''Learning portrait'' is essential for me to be able to establish learning priorities. This is the starting point of my approach. I base myself on the current knowledge of the child to build new ones. It can be done by zoom or at my office (I prefer face-to-face). This session includes: - the portrait of your child's learning needs; - a written summary of my observations to follow up on the portrait of your child's learning; - a 30-minute zoom call to explain the written summary I am sending you; - the objective that I propose to work on; - the personalized and individualized program that I suggest to you. Attention: this assessment is not an assessment to make a diagnosis. Only professionals have the right. The portrait of your child's learning is an assessment that I have constructed using my experience in order to target learning objectives. The proposed program will therefore be personalized according to the needs of your child. Continuation of the program remains your choice. During the zoom call, we can agree on a time to start the program. The learning portrait and the zoom call cost $85+tx.

It's very important for me not to follow a ready-made program. The child already has knowledge and I start from his current knowledge to build new ones. Thanks to the Portrait, I establish the personalized learning program. It can be in reading, writing or mathematics (in French). My programs are called The Love of Reading, the Love of Writing or the Love of Doing Maths. I want your child to be engaged in his/her learning and for this, I take care to choose activities where he/she can be happy. Before starting the program, - we will have established a schedule which will be kept from week to week (except holidays or exceptional events) until you or I decide to interrupt it; - I will have sent you a google consent form. To stop the program, to move or to cancel an appointment, all you need is a notification at most 24 hours in advance. Each session can be paid for by e-transfer. A receipt is sent. For a 30-minute meeting of the The love of..., the price is 50$ + tx (5%).For a 45-minute meeting of the program The Love of..., 75$+tx (5%).

Whether it's the duration of the program or the adjustment of the objectives, I remain flexible. It depends on your child's learning pace. It's not a miraculous recipe. Generally, I recommend two meetings of 30 minutes per week. A goal can be work for 6 weeks. Most parents want to continue throughout the school year and follow different goals depending on their child's progress.

After each session, I spend the last three to five minutes explaining to you what we have done with your child. I remain available outside of sessions to answer your questions by email. I am the one answering them within 24 hours. lucileorthopedagogie@gmail.com


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