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Handbook for parents/guradians/families of Edson students.

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Harry L. Edson Elementary School Handbook2023-2024

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Table of ContentsAbout Harry L. EdsonPrincipal Board of Education Mission and Vision 2023-2024 Commitments School ScheduleKey ContactsSchool StaffContacting School Staff AM Drop OffsDismissalAttendance and HealthNotificationsCurricula and Assessments

About Harry L. Edson
Harry L. Edson Elementary School was dedicated in 1966 to the memory of “Pop” Edson, a well-known community figure who had lovingly devoted 35 years of his life to children through his service in the Kingston Recreation Department. The school provided an education from Kindergarten through sixth grade for 22 years. Since 2013, children have attended Edson School from Kindergarten through grade four.

I will try my hardest to do my best and be kind and considerate to others. Haré todo lo posible para dar lo mejor de mí y ser amable y considerado con los demás.

Edson Pledge/Compromiso

Greetings, Edson families!I am excited about the new school year! Please find important information about our school in the slides that follow. If you have additional questions, please reach out!-Ms. Kathleen Lowell klowell@kingstoncityschools.org845-943-3913(Hablo espanol)

Email the KCSD Board of Education at boe@kingstoncityschools.org


Board of Education

Your Board of Education is composed of nine residents who have been elected by the qualified voters of the Kingston City School District. The Board is vested with the responsibility of setting education policy and carrying out the mandates of the New York State Education Department. The members serve without remuneration. Board meetings are both live and broadcast via the district YouTube channel. See this link for the schedule, agendas, and minutes.

Edson School represents a unified, diverse, and dynamic community, respectful of diversity that is committed to excellence in scholarship and character development; ensures the worth, dignity, and well-being of students and staff; and promotes lifelong learning of students, staff, and community.


Working together, the Edson community will create a nurturing and supportive environment that integrates high academic achievement, positive self-esteem, and respect for others in order to motivate students to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens.


We are committed to sustaining an engaging environment that will create responsible citizens and lifelong learners. Edson teachers will continue to work toward mastery of curriculum initiatives, which promote student success.
Support student academic growth.
We are committed to focusing on student social-emotional well-being. We will support students as they continue to develop social skills and skills for self-regulation. We are also focused on helping students create and sustain supportive connections because relationships play an essential role in a child's development. This includes working with students to develop meaningful relationships, which are necessary for learning to happen. We strive for Edson to be an environment that is culturally responsive and informed.

Support students’ social and emotional health.


Our school day begins at 8:45AM.
  • Students choosing to eat breakfast may enter at 8:30AM.
  • After 8:55AM, students must be signed in by an adult at the front door.
Dismissal is at 3:10PM.
  • Buses begin to load at 2:55PM.
  • Walkers and car students are dismissed from the cafeteria after buses leave at approximately 3:10PM.
  • Due to dismissal procedures, no student can be picked up between 2:45 and 3:10PM.

School Schedule

Mrs. Campbell, Elementary Social Worker for Attendanceacampbell@kingstoncityschools.org

Mrs. Richmond, Speech Pathologistprichmond@kingstoncityschools.org

Ms. Bugbee, School Social Workerpbugbee@kingstoncityschools.org

Mrs. Mannocchi, School Psychologistkmannocchi@kingstoncityschools.org

Mrs. Decker, School Nursejdecker@kingstoncityschools.org845-943-3364

Mrs. Johnston, Office Managermjohnston@kingstoncityschools.org

Ms. Lowell, Principalklowell@kingstoncityschools.org

School Phone Number:845-943-3913

Have a question? Please contact us!

Key Contacts

Teaching Assistants: Meghan Brandt, Sue Bundschuh, Peggy Cahill, Eden Cruz-Kayden, Jaid Harrell, Jodi Lurczak, Megan Lyons, Pam McFarland, Fritzi McGowan, Laura Puzack, Emma Rose, Suzie Schupp, and Hollie Walsh, Karen ZanosMonitors: Charlotte Brown, Jennifer Faust, Shanna Knapp, Dawn Poskitt, Candice Scism, Destiny GaydosCustodian: Marvin CampbellCleaners: Vinny Costello, Niko Gjoka, Rebecca JonesKitchen Staff: Krystle Gibbs, Dinorah Rodriguez, Mirian Ruiz
Principal: Kathy LowellOffice Manager: Mary JohnstonNurse: Jess DeckerSocial Worker: Paula BugbeeSchool Psychologist: Kristy MannocchiSocial Woker for Attendance: Amanda CampbellBilingual Family Wokrker: Claudia JeriLibrary Clerk/Typist: Cindy BroccoSpecial Area TeachersArt: Chris HowardLibrary: Elizabeth StegmayerMusic: Evan MasonPE: Rob Cowburn and Denis DwyerComputer Lab TA: Meghan BrandtBand: Brandon CarrollStrings: Melissa MurphyENL: Colleen Connors, Sam Lee, Mozhdeh Zahedi-NorthAIS:Reading: Lisa Camara, Syndie Haaland, Mary Slattery, Dianne TomczykMath: Claire VanValkenburghSpeech Therapist: Prudence RichmondSpeech Improvement: Sandra KrolOT: Meghan ShethPT: Christine WolfTeacher of the Deaf: Serena WunderlichASL Interpreter: Kelsey Beers

Grade Level TeachersK/1: Megan BarringerK DL: Jasmine BarrowK: Kimberly CollinsK: Sam CorioK: Meghan Williams/Stephany Carpenter1: Carin Kowal1: Cheryl Finnegan1: Jessica Garner/Stephany Carpenter1: Gabby Pugliese1 DL: Avery VanBuren2 DL: Jaslyne Garcia2: Mindy Quinn/Tyler Byrnes2: Darla Roman-Green2: Alison Uhl3: Jeniffer Mastroeni3: Sue Elting/ Louisa Fox3: Meg DiDonna/Louisa Fox3/4: Kayla Kessler4: Toni Cook4: Rosemary Greiner4: Sara Lenahan/Sam Ward4: Julie McHugh/Sam Ward

Edson Staff Members

Email: Most staff members' email is their first initial last name @kingstoncityschools.org example: klowell@kingstoncityschools.orgMain office phone number: 845-943-3913You may leave a message. Please note that teachers are not able to take a call from a parent/guardian when they are teaching,Teams: You can contact your child's teacher through their Teams account.Teachers will communicate their preferred method of communication with families at Back-to-School night.

How to reach Edson's teachers/staff

There are three entry points for students arriving at school by means other than school buses.1. Lower level (A-level) lot, door closest to Bailey Middle School. Park car in a parking spot and walk student to the door. 2. Health Office Door, left lot on main level, first door. Park car in a parking spot and walk student to the door. 3. Main entrance after buses have pulled away. Students exit car on passenger side independently. Driver remains in car. Only students who can exit the car without adult help should be dropped off in the front.Please drive carefully in and around school parking lots!Only park in designated parking spots. Your patience is appreciated!Reminder: A student who arrives after 8:55AM is tardy and needs to be signed in at the front door by an adult. Note that due to construction at Dietz, alternate routes for walking need to be planned.

Edson School Drop Off Procedures

Dismissal Plan updated 9/18/2023 Walker/Pickup dismissal between 3:05 and 3:10PM - see link above for student dismissal locations, which vary by grade and teacher.Bus Dismissal begins at 3:10PM; some of our buses are arriving later and students will be dismissed promptly as these buses arrive. Please inform the school of any changes in dismissal plans as early as possible. Call 945-943-3913.

Walker/Pickup Dismissal

Bus Transportation

Students who live within 1/2 mile of the school are provided with bus transportation. Safety is the number one factor for bus transportation. Problems or injuries should be reported to the driver. The driver may report misbehavior in a referral to the principal. Serious or habitual misbehavior may result in a student's suspension from the bus.

Please click the bus below for route and stop times.

Elementary Social Worker for Attendance: Mrs. Campbellacampbell@kingstoncityschools.org
If your child is sick with a fever, they should stay home until 24hr after symptoms have resolved. A student with other illness symptoms may need rest.Inform the nurse of any particular health problem, such as asthma, an allergic reaction to bee stings, or any other condition. In order for medication to be administered at school, the nurse needs a written doctor order and written parental/guardian permission.Student immunizations must be up-to-date. Students in kindergarten, grade 2, and grade 4 are required to have physical examinations. These may be performed by your family physician or by the school doctor. Contact the nurse for more information.
Student Health
Edson's School Nurse: Mrs. Decker 845-943-3364jdecker@kingstoncityschools.org

Attendance Procedures

  • Consistent attendance at school is vital to a student's learning.
  • An absent rate of 10% or more is considered by NYS to be chronic.
  • If your child is absent for any reason (illness, Dr. appt, etc.), please send them in with a note when they return to school.
  • If your child needs to be picked up early, please send him or her in with a note so that we are prepared to dismiss them.
  • Early pickups must be done BEFORE 2:45PM. Early pickups will not be permitted between 2:45 and 3:10PM.
Please complete and submit the change information form if there are any changes in phone numbers, addresses, or emergency contacts. It is critical that we have up-to-date information in the event of an emergency.
All Parents and Guardians are automatically signed up to receive text messages and emails from the KCSD and Edson School. KCSD will send notifications about emergencies, such as closures and delays, and about important and noteworthy events. Edson will share information about school events.

Add numbers to receive texts/emails

Change Info Form

If you are not receiving these messages, please make sure your information on file is correct. You can fill out the Change Info form linked below or sign up additional numbers by following the Add numbers link.

Text and Email Notifications

Title 1

Supporting StudentsWhen a student is struggling academically or behaviorally, or may need other supports, our Multi-tiered Support System (MTSS) team meets to discuss how we can support the student. We talk about what has been tried and develop a plan of support and monitoring. We meet again to reevaluate and plan next steps. Classroom teachers contact the student's adults to inform them of the referrals and outcomes.Students not meeting expectations for reading, math, or speech may require addtional support in school. We have reading, math, and speech/language specialists, as well as occupational and physical therapists that support students.Additionally, we have a full-time school social worker and a school psychologist. We share an attendance social worker with the other elementary schools.
Curricula and AssessmentsNew York State Standards drive instruction in all curricular areas. You can access detailed curricula information on the district website. Assessment is integral to instruction. Students participate in local assessments in all grades across curricula areas. Students in grade 3 and 4 participate in state ELA and math tests. Teachers will share additional information during back to school night. Report Cards are distributed quarterly.English as a New Language (ENL)Students who speak languages other than English outside of school who have not yet reached a "commanding" level of English (as per NYS assessments) are supported with instruction to develop their communication skills and academic language in English.

Reach out to klowell@kingstoncityschools.org for more information.

Who may participate in the Dual Language Kindergarten program?

  • Students entering kindergarten who are zoned for Edson.
  • Students whose home language is English, Spanish, or both, or other!
  • Students who are English Language Learners from Crosby, Graves, and Myer.
  • Students whose families apply for special permission who can provide transportation to and from school.

Benefits of Bilingualism
  • Increases vocabulary
  • Enhances thinking skills and logic
  • Impacts reading comprehension
  • Promotes cultural awareness and appreciation
  • Expands job opportunities
  • Edson hosts the KCSD Dual Language K-4 program. It begins in the dual language PreK at Meagher School (optional for enrollment in Edson program).
  • The Dual Language cohort will be together all 5 years at Edson, from kindergarten through grade 4.
  • Students will understand, speak, read, and write in English and in Spanish.
  • Students will develop literacy skills and content knowledge in both English and Spanish across the content areas (math, science, social studies.)
  • Instruction flows across languages from day to day.

Dual Language Program

Computer Teaching Assistant:Ms. Brandt

School Library Media Specialist:Mrs. Stegmayer

Vocal Music Teacher: Mr. Mason

Art Teacher: Mrs. Howard

PE Coaches:Coach CowburnCoach Dwyer

Students in grade 4 have the option to participate in chorus and to may take string or band instrument lessons.Chorus: Mr. MasonStrings: Mrs. MurphyBand: Mr. Carroll
Students have a special everyday! Every 6-day cycle, students will have one class each of art, vocal music, library and computer. Within a 6-day cycle, students have three PE classes.

Special Area Classes

A student may check out a book every cycle during regularly scheduled library class. It is the responsibility of the student to care for and return the book in a timely manner, (usually every scheduled library class, once per cycle). Students in: Kindergarten – 1 book to bring home each cycle (beginning in October) Grade 1 - 1 book to bring home each cycle Grades 2, 3, and 4 – 2 books to bring home each cycle Please return library books on time. When books are not returned, they will be renewed and an overdue notice will be given to the student as a reminder. A student with overdue books still can check out a book to keep in the classroom or take a book from the free book cart.

Checking out library books

Students may bring a snack and a water bottle to school daily. Students may refill water bottles at our bottle filling station.

Students will have recess first and then lunch (in the cafeteria.)Recess is outdoors except when the weather is inclement (too cold, too wet or snowy, or icy.) Students should be prepared with jackets, gloves, and hats in the colder months.

Students will be provided (if they so choose) with a breakfast each morning when they arrive at school.Students are NOT REQUIRED to eat breakfast at school.Students eat breakfast in the cafeteria.

Breakfast and Lunch are FREE for all Students!

Recess and Lunch Plan

Breakfast Plan

Title 1

Schools with a with high percentage of students eligible for Free/Reduced lunch receive grant funding provided under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).
The additional funding helps fund:
  • 4 full-time reading teachers and 1 RtI TA
  • Full time dedicated Math teacher
  • 1.5 Speech/Language Improvement teacher
  • Professional Development workshops and conferences to enhance quality of instruction for teachers and teaching assistants
  • Enrichment Opportunities

Edson is a Title 1 School

On days with the 2-hr delay schedule, staff memebers are pariticpating in professinal learning.

April1: Spring Recess, no school5: Spring Picture Day15-19: Spring book fair16: PTO Meeting, Library and Zoom 6:30PM17: 2-hr. delay schedule18: Book fair open to families, 3-6:30PMMay1: Supt. Conference Day, no school5-10: Teacher Appreciation Week8: Gr 4 Spring Concert, 6:30PM21: School Budget Vote21: PTO Meeting, Library and Zoom 6:30PM27: Memorial day, no schoolJune:6: Dual Language Program Family BBQ, 6PM14: School Barbecue (lunch periods)18: Field Day19: Juneteenth, no school20: Field Day rain date21, 24, 25: Early Dismissal, 12PM21: Gr 4 Moving Up, 9:30AM25: Last Day of School for Students!

November (continued)21: PTO Meeting, Library and Zoom 6:30 PM22-24: Thanksgiving Recess, no schoolDecember: 6: Gr 4 Winter Concert, 6:30PM19: PTO Meeting, Library and Zoom 6:30 PM20: Gr 4 Read-a-thon25-29: Holiday Recess, no schoolJanuary1: Holiday Recess, no school12: 11:15 early dismissal (Parent-teacher conferences)15: MLK Jr. Day, no school16: PTO Meeting, Library and Zoom 6:30 PM30: 2-hr. delay scheduleFebruary7: World Read Aloud Day Family Event 6:30PM19: Presidents' Day, no school20: PTO Meeting, Library and Zoom 6:30PMMarch:19: PTO Meeting, Library and Zoom 6:30PM25-29: Spring Recess, no school

September7: First Day of School19: PTO Meeting, Library and Zoom 6:30PM21: Back-to-School Night 6-7:30 PM25: Yom Kippur, no school27: 2-hr delay scheduleOctober5: Fall pictures9: Indigenous People's/Columbus Day, no school11&12: Fire Safety with KFD16: PTO Meeting, Library and Zoom 6:30 PM26: Parent-Teacher Conferences, 4:30 - 7:30 PM27: 11:15AM Early Dismissal27: Trunk or Treat, 6:30PM30: Trunk or Treat rain date, 6:30PMNovember7: Supt. Conference Day, No school for students9: Fall picture makeups10: Veterans Day, no school13 - 17: Fall book fair16: Book fair open to families, 3 - 6:30PM

Important Dates

6:00 – 7:30PM
  • Meet the teachers
  • See the school
  • Learn about routines, curriculum, and opportunities for involvement
  • Principal’s address to families in Spanish in cafeteria
  • Visitations to special area teachers, support providers, tables in lobby
6:20 – 6:45 Teachers’ presentations in classrooms 6:45 – 7:00 Principal’s address to all families via Teams (parents/guardians remain in classroom) 7:05 – 7:30
  • Teachers’ presentations in classroom of second child (if applicable)
  • Visitations to special area teachers, support providers, tables in lobby

Back-to-School Night September 21, 2023

2/16: VanBuren 3/8: Barringer 3/22: Barrow: Animal Day4/12: Corio 4/26: Collins 5/3: Williams: May the 4th Be With You (Star Wars Day) 5/17: Kessler 5/31: Cook 6/7: Greiner 6/14: Lenahan: Croc (Shoes or Reptile) 6/20: McHugh

1/19: Kowal: Favorite Sport/Sports Team/Activity2/2: Pugliese
Dates are listed. Each class gets to pick a theme. While students and staff are invited to participate, no one is obligated to.On non-themed Fridays, students and staff are invited to wear Edson attire or school colors (red, black, white).

School Spirit Days!

February: Friendship and KindnessMarch: CourageApril: HopeMay: EmpathyJune: Safety

September: CommunityOctober: BelongingNovember: GratitudeDecember: CuriosityJanuary: Confidence

Monthly Themes

Contact the PTO: ptoedson@gmail.com
PTO Trunk or Treat fun!
The PTO at the Edson School actively supports the school’s efforts to provide the best educational experience for our children. Funds raised by the PTO each year make possible the assembly programs that enrich our children’s experience. They provide a significant subsidy to the cost of field trips enjoyed by all the students. Proceeds of the PTO sponsored book fair benefit the school library. The PTO coordinates school pictures, field day, and other special events throughout the year and provides financial and volunteer support for the many school-wide activities. You are warmly welcomed and encouraged to become involved in your child’s school through membership (no cost!) and active participation in the PTO. Meetings are scheduled for the third Tuesdays of each month, September-June, at 6:30 pm in the Edson school library. Meetings are hybrid - they are in person and shared live via Zoom. Scheduled meeting dates are posted on the school website, on the PTO Facebook page, and in Monthly Newsletters.

Edson School PTO

Title 1

We welcome the support of adult family and community members. All volunteers must be pre-approved by our Board of Education. Prospective volunteers must submit a completed volunteer form. It is suggested that if you plan to volunteer during the school year that you complete and submit the volunteer form in the beginning of the year. Volunteers approved within the last two years must let the school know that they plan to volunteer again each year, and must come in to school to sign the volunteer form. Volunteers need to resubmit volunteer forms every three years, (but sign them annually for each year that they want to volunteer.)Some Edson volunteering opportunities:
  • chaperoning field trips (Please note that for trips, only a certain amount of adult volunteers are needed.)
  • supporting field day
  • supporting classroom activites (upon the request of teacher)
  • volunteering for PTO events that happened during the school day
    • school pictures
    • school book fair


All visitors to the school must come to the front door and buzz. A staff member will respond. If the visitor has an appointment, they must show identification before entering the builidng. Only visitors with appointments will be allowed to enter. Visitors with appointments will sign in and will be given a visitor lanyard. When leaving, visitors will sign out and will return the lanyard.

Visiting the School

Teachers will explain their practices for classroom celebrations.Adults sending in classroom snacks or birthday treats to share must confirm with the classroom teacher ahead of time. Teachers will let you know the number of students in the room. Healthy snack options are always welcomed.Please do not send in balloons or drop off take-out lunches for students.Please note that we are an allergy-aware school.
  • Some classrooms need to be nut free (teachers will let you know if that applies in their room.) Lunches with nuts are allowed in the cafeteria except at the designated nut free table.
  • No latex balloons are allowed in the building.


Click clip for YMCA Kingston
Begins at 7AM Ends at 6PMAvailable for students gr K - 4Registration information

YMCA Before and After School Program

You can write a introduction here

As needed: Change of Information Form
Optional: Volunteer Form
Technology Agreement (Student signs): link coming soon
Optional: Opt out of photos for media/social media: link coming soon
KCSD Code of Conduct

Beginning of year forms to be completed

Read and sign:
Read the monthly newsletter for updates about what is happening at Edson.Check out the Harry L. Edson Faceboook page:


Thank you!

Title 1